How to solve the Curation Question

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The other day, I had an encounter with @steemcleaners.
I learned, that once someone denounces you, or if you cross-post your content on different platforms, @steemcleaners might flag you. When that happens, you need to personally go to @anyx' discord and then convince this guy to clear you:

This also applies, if you never posted in English and do not speak the language.
Now, some might say that is the reverse of a normal justice system, where you are not guilty until proven otherwise - I think it is brilliant. Let me explain.

The Curation Question

Most STEEM high rollers do not have the time or motivation to curate.
Now some might say that is just lazy and arrogant - I think it is perfectly reasonable; Imagine pulling a fortune from a bubble gum machine only to find out the whole operation forces you to work 30 minutes a day and that it takes 10 clicks within every 24 hours to generate optimal interest rates.
Who would want to work like that, after lucking out so much and especially if there is an endless supply of people, who desperately want a piece of the pie ?

Curation Work

The hardest job on STEEM seems to be curation.
Now some might say, that they enjoy the opportunity to allocate some cents of rewards to their favorite authors or a fresh piece of undiscovered content, and that this is the only feature that completely sets STEEM apart from everything they have ever seen before - I think it is just a hassle for the whales.
With the high supply of bored authoritarian types, it would be stupid not to take advantage of their free time and self-hatred to strengthen your stake; Give them a small role and not only will they secure your interest rates better than you ever could, they will also shield you from any personal responsibility and happily attack anybody just to feel important for once.

The Problem

Apparently - despite the brilliance and simplicity of this system - there are still problems.
People conceive it as unfair or rigged. They feel the free market of posts was corrupted by giving a small group of people all this power, who got it mostly only because they wanted it - I personally am happy to delegate all my responsibilities to @steemcleaners, @ocd and @curangel, but there are still individualists and rogue authors on steem and they are constantly challenging the whales to look at shit and generally annoy them. They are totally in the way of fat gains.

The Solution

Let us turn the thing upside down completely - just like @steemcleaners.

It is absolutely brilliant.

The curators could save so much time, if authors would just go to their Discord and ask first. Think about it: Instead of posting, you get the review first !
Before you even start writing, just ask them, what they want to read. They will love you for it !
Why would they want to curate after the fact, if they could just edit ahead of posting ?
Why are you wasting your time writing in a format that you like or about topics that interest you, if none of @acidyo's or @anyx's or @pharesim's enforcers want to be bothered with it ?
We could save so much time and creative efforts, if they would just give out guidelines, what a post should look like and what it should be about.
Take a good look at @steemstem here; They are already halfway there and normal authors, who are not properly schooled and write too straight will not even be considered. That is efficiency; precurated content with high academic standards - You know there will not be anything dangerous in there, at least !

We should totally also consider this approach for proposals.
Too many proposals have not been first shown to the elite slack - Just look a @steemchiller's cheeky little proposal. Is it too much to ask to show your proposals first to the people who had the idea to create this independent pool for funding ?

We all know how efficient central panning is and that Delegated Proof of Stake, or Proof of Brain or voting in general are just some fancy concepts that stand no chance in the real world. Why would you let that idealistic nonsense get in the way of your profits ? How is that for a proof of brain, right ? I call it proof of sense.

If you are waiting for the next part of the beem tutorial: I am waiting for @holger80 to return, as he runs that repository and has gone missing


I am also still on the @steemcleaners blacklist thanks to @astrophoto.kevin
We indeed are going in this direction. At least content-wise we see less and less diversity.
Did #newsteem bring any new users? No.

Mich hat man aktuell auch mal gemeldet und mit blacklist seitens der cleaners gedroht.
Manche brauchen das eben, das Melden an die große starke Instanz, downvotetrails und downvoteaccounts, außer ein paar SP bei Kommentaren wegzuflaggen, können die mir aber eh nicht schaden.
Was anderes ist wenn man weiter gerne bloggt, dann nerven die natürlich.

Manni, you're starting to get embarrassing with your crying.
And, btw, it's not the @steemcleaners blacklist. It can't be that bad if you don't know which blacklist you're on.
And last: You know why you are on it, this has already been sufficiently discussed, and you also know how to get removed.
Now, stop wasting my time by tagging me all the time when you're crying.
For the downvotes: go on, it doesn't bother me. As you see, I don't give a shit about your kindergarten downvote mentality.
In case you come to your senses, I've offered my help. That still remains.


Welche denn sonst? Laut Steempeak-Profilseite ist es diese, daher auch die orange Warnbox dort, danke auch.

Ach nett... dann werden die blacklists untereinander ausgetauscht. Da ich steempeak nicht benutze, weiß ich auch nicht was da so dran steht.
Gern geschehen, aber wie gesagt: du weißt warum du da drauf bist und wie du wieder runter kommst. Mit rumgeheule funktioniert es allerdings nicht.

Oups... jetzt hast du gerade deinen 2., 3. oder 4. account aufgedeckt.

Interessant zu sehen, dass du da involviert bist.

Muss den Kevin mal upvoten, damit alle ihn lesen können!

Dann bitte aber nur auf maximal 0,01$ payout, ich möchte nicht mit deinen Upvotes großartig in Zusammenhang gebracht werden.
Downvote ist ok, das kannst du ruhig weiter machen.

Ich verstehe nicht, warum Du weiter eine Kommunikation in dieser Angelegenheit pflegst. Kevin ist Kevin und bleibt Kevin. So what?

Hast recht.

Nur manchmal:))

Na endlich sieht es mal einer. Also spart euch das ständige Rumgejammer und die nervige Taggerei.

Ich flagge jetzt deine Freunde :)

Hard to grow STEEM value or curation when we have bullies like you flagging people for contributing to the Steemit economy. The real world is not novels & just content you approve of, it has advertising, memes that pay 20k+, social media and much more yet you and the rest of the bullies want to push all investors and non writers away. Every transaction was helping STEEM have more daily transactions than any blockchain yet now we flag those who contribute to this economy and encourage cashing out while thinking you are helping. There are plenty plagiarizing to keep you busy why continue to fight to limit this platforms potential?
Non stop censorship bully flags from @azircon, is the truth not welcome on the blockchain?...

Kevin is really just practicing what they taught him in the German school system, on television ... perhaps uni. All these places have been streamlined to program people this way.

Before you even start writing, just ask them, what they want to read.

Hey Felix, i can't believe that you think in this way... why should i write something to please someone special (getting better rewards)??? It is not about wasting time or money - it is about my blog and my ideas.... Maybe there are some things that i can avoid - i can learn about that. But i won't change my writing for curations... I like the free spirit on the blockchain... ;-) Vielleicht habe ich dich auch falsch verstanden - mein Englisch ist nicht besonders gut... Schönes Wochenende Kadna

Das war weder Englisch noch Deutsch - das war Ironisch.

Ui bin ich dämlich! Oha das war mein Lacher zum Advent ... Danke dir - ich war gestern etwas ernsthaft unterwegs.... oh man Sorry und ich lese deinen Post noch mal neu ;-) ich hatte mich schon gewundert.. Lieben Gruß Kadna

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Sarkasmus funktioniert im Internet nicht immer.

Es sind ja eigentlich Monologe hier. Keine richtige Kommunikation... wobei ich schon mehr hätte merken müssen... da ich dich ja in echt erlebt habe.... schon peinlich... schönen Sonntag noch...

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Auch im Gespräch braucht man oft emojis um Witze oder Ironie zu kennzeichnen. Du bist nicht die einzige, die das missverstanden hat und ich hab dich ja auch kennengelernt und fand dich nicht dämlich :)

fand dich nicht dämlich :)

Haha, danke dir. Gespräche haben manchmal den Vorteil, dass man die Reaktion des Gegenüber wahrnehmen kann. Mich würden ja deine Gesprächs emojis interessieren ;-)

Zum großen Glück aller kann man jetzt 8 tags bei steemit benutzen und somit auch den satire tag in solchen Fällen oder den ironie tag oder den sobusy wie du ihn ja bereits benutzt hast, das fand ich schon lustig genug um den ganzen Artikel sammt den Kommentaren zu lesen.

You're right: instead of writing to please it might be better to write articles, to share ideas, that are beneficial for reclaiming our freedom, by helping people be aware of our reality.


What's the point of all the hype about blockchain as long as we lose our freedom?

Thanks for the laugh. The solution had me in stitches.

Forgot to mention the original curation initiative @curie !

Curie!?? And slowly i turned, step by step,.....

What did I just watch ? :D

I watched it twice and even though I understand the words and can see the pictures, I have no idea what's going on there. To me, it makes no sense and is not funny at all :(

Yeah, some humor doesn't translate.
They probably weren't big in Europe.

I don't think they would make it as an act, today.
They were all the rage, for a long time.

The reference that will help is to replace niagra falls with @curie.
Then it should make sense.
I blew the whistle on them when they first appeared.
I'm told they have changed their ways, but haven't cared enough to look.
Now if I just had the meme skillz to make that happen in the clip,..

The reference that will help is to replace niagra falls with @curie.

I don't get it. Very frustrating to watch tbh.

your reaction/ comment on it was funny enough :D

Reasonable thoughts. You have a long experience with this Steemit system (sometimes painful, sometimes funny, sometimes enthusiastic).

I don't care about this anymore. I write what I want, when I want, I go my own way. Luckily I was flagged only a few times. I have some friendly supporters and my content is read and discussed by many members. So I am (over all) lucky with the system. For me Steemit is like a bus and I don't mess with the driver.

All the best for you, mate!

For me, Steemit is like a banana and I don't mess with the monkey :)

Where is haiku bot when you need him... :D

Maybe we could call the collective discord submission channel the politburo?

I think we should first vote for a committee and have them vote for this name instead of you going ahead all on your own :)

Excellent idea Comrade!

i actually always consume what i curate but i recently start using www.steemdunk.xzy to upvote creators i follow for a long time, but stopped interacting with me or keep posting similar content like last year (good for new users, but i get bored). I actually never liked the idea of organize voting trails OUTSIDE the steem ecosystem.

I think this is a brilliant idea... I haven't been on steem alot lately and I see there is this war against buying upvotes now... Which seems reasonably fair...

But Im trying my ass off to write good articles and keep in mind I'm so bad at that... But I try... I don't get curated by the big guys... So I decided to deligate a few SP to @curangel but it feels like it's always the same people getting curated I dunno

My sarcasm doesn't seem to work well on the Internet :(

I do not think @curangel is a good idea.
I have tried different angles at explaining this and for this post I chose over the top irony ...

For your blog, I recommend you just keep posting what you like and try to avoid getting on @steemcleaner's radar. You and I are never going to be top trending on STEEM - I am quite happy that I get some payouts for stuff I would have put out there anyways.

sehr schön :)
leider erst jetzt gelesen, dafür noch rechtzeitig für einen
@tipu curate ;)

Kannst mir bitte sagen, warum du meinen Post downvotest? Würde mich echt interessieren, was ich falsch gemacht habe.

Du hast nichts falsch gemacht.

Ich habe nur @astrophoto.kevin's vote ausgeglichen. Er missbraucht seine Vertrauensposition bei den @steemcleaner's, um bestimmte Inhalte zu zensieren und da ich ihm nicht viel anhaben kann und er mir auch nicht, muss ich das jetzt leider so machen ...

Er denunziert meine Freunde, also flagge ich seine Freunde.

Ich habe mir das vorher angesehen und deine SP überprüft und die unzähligen bot-Kommentare von beer und sonstwas für Schummeltokens und befunden, dass der downvote dich nicht allzu hart treffen wird.

Nimms mir bitte nicht zu übel. Ist nichts persönliches - zumindest nicht gegen dich.

Danke für deine Antwort. Es ging mir ja nicht um den Downvote, sondern um das Warum. Downvotes bekomme ich jeden Tag, allein schon wegen der SBI.

Tja, ich respektiere deine Meinung natürlich, wenn ich auch nicht begeistert davon bin, in der Schusslinie zu stehen - weh tat der Schuss nicht, aber verletzt hat er schon 😂
Dafür bekommst du von mir zur Strafe einen Schummeltoken: !BEER ... ob oder was die auch wert sind, ist mir egal - sie machen Spaß, wenn du zumindest einige meiner Chats liest, aber ruf dann bitte nicht noch einen Arzt für mich ;)

Bin nicht beleidigt, liebe Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende 🙂

Hey @felixxx, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Ich habe mir das vorher angesehen und deine SP überprüft und die unzähligen bot-Kommentare von beer und sonstwas für Schummeltokens und befunden, dass der downvote dich nicht allzu hart treffen wird.

Das ist ja mal eine gute Begründung :-)

Wir kennen uns nicht gut genug für Sarkasmus ohne passendes emoji.

War kein Sarkasmus. Leider ist mir dafür kein passendes Emoji bekannt. :/

Aqui mi visita desde venezuela ,espero este bien y muy buen trabajo,gracias por compartirlo,saludos