Excursion to the five islands with snorkeling (Thailand, Koh Chang)

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The idea of this trip came about by chance. Actually, I wanted to look at dolphins. But they said that there was no temporary trip, there were few who wanted it, it was far and expensive, and they suggested we go, look at the extraordinary beauty of the island and snorkel. A full-day trip with a shuttle service to the fishing village of Bang Bao, two meals a day and renting a mask tube costs 800 baht per person.

The journey from the hotel to the pier along the serpentine mountain road to Bang Bao took about half an hour. The main thing when you get out of the car is to remember which one you got out of - all they look like one. We passed to the pier through the market. Of course, if you come on your own, and there is time, you can stroll around. But not at this time. In an organized chain we pass to the bot. We have time to pay attention to the wonderful stilt houses in this fishing village.

After checking the tickets, we were let aboard. Our open deck was gradually filled so much that it became cramped. If, when we came, we were alone on the deck, during the waiting time the people increased significantly. I even had to almost fight for a comfortable place. I mean, lying down failed. Just sit. We went only on a trip at 9.40. Passenger charges took almost an hour.

In general, although the tour is positioned as a “Tour of the Five Islands,” and even on the diagram they are all numbered, the booklet from the hotel indicates a trip to the four islands. In this case, for sure, "whatever is done is for the best."


Finally, we got there. They stuck to the first of the islands, Koh Yak, at about 11. Before going for snorkeling, we were given equipment. Many had their own. 45 minutes were allotted for snorkeling. It seemed to me that in reality they started calling us back much earlier. There were a lot of fish and hedgehogs. As feed, we used white bread taken from the hotel's breakfast. Many stocked up on real fish food, buying it near the pier.

We again set sail at 12 o’clock, an hour after they moored. After sailing, we got breakfast. After 15 minutes exit to the second island - Koh Rang. The island has a beautiful beach, sandy bottom. True, in the immediate vicinity to it, there were other bots, we had to stop further, we were put on stones.


The third island was a tiny Yak Lik. It did not make much impression. The water was cloudy, stirred it up, nothing was visible. While sailing to the next, fourth island, Koh Wai, we had lunch. We were fed with fruit and kebabs.

Let's get back to the main point. The last of the islands visited is Koh Wai. I don’t know how about others, but when I saw this coast, I remembered the film “Beach” with DiCaprio. Divine scenery! Although, upon closer examination, you understand that there are still too many people here. Yes, there was a full house. Immediately, it was impossible to go down the ladder to the water because of the corals that grew quite close to the surface of the water, although they seemed deceptively located in the depths, it was necessary to go along the pier and enter the water from the steps where there is sand. We had to get through three bots to go to the pier.


The impression is ambiguous. It is impossible not to note the beauty of the islands and the opportunity to see marine life near. I was tired of endless waiting. A lot of time wasted, and I felt sorry for that. Everything felt somehow in a big hurry, it looks like we did not have time to go down to the water - already a signal to rise up. Of course, many people missed this signal by their ears, which caused even more problems. Therefore, for me, 4 islands would be better than 5. Everywhere is about the same thing, but less time to wait.

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wow, that looks fantabulous. I have never made my way down there but i may have to go have a look!

Thank you. With the latest news from China, we may better stay away from Asia for a while. The new virus , as I heard, reached Thailand already.

yeah i heard that as well. Now people are wearing the facemasks even more than usual :)

Wow that must have been one fun filled trip, i only explored 3 islands while I was there but I swear it took the entire day and I was so tired afterwards but loved every moment of it. I think its such a stunning place to get lost in, you making me want to revisit and pick up on all the spots id love to see.

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Thank you a lot. It was such a unexpected nomination. Of course, I will check what the nominations you have there.

Thailand has so many beautiful islands, some are very famous because of its beauty or filmed movies, but each one has its own uniqueness. It's impossible to visit all of them at one trip. We have been there a whole month and explored a lot but still, one day, we will come back.

That sounds fun but those organised excursions are not really my thing. I'd much rather go alone and have the time to explore as I see fit.

Nice article. Just a suggestion, though. Maybe you could include the price in $ or €, because hardly none of us have a clue about how much is a baht in our local currencies. 🤭

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Thank you.
It was our first visit to Thailand. the first couple trips we bought at agency, and when got accustomed to this country, we also had some trips on our own. We spent there whole month, so saw a lot of Thailand beauty.
We exchange euro to bahts, now I already don't remember exact rate as it changing there. 1 euro worth about 33-34 bahts.

What an amazing post about an amazing excursion! Thanks for taking us along with you.
I found you because @chekohler featured you in the Pay it Forward Curation Contest. Keep up the great work!