Have you already bought all Christmas gifts?

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Currently in the world people are getting ready for the celebration. I can only enjoy the fact that for the second year in a row I've been successfully trying to buy locally made gifts, mostly from small businesses. And this year I was thinking again, I was giving soaps and candles last year, what will I find this year? And it seemed like I wouldn't really find anything in the vintage shop that would appeal to "normal people." But I found something. And biscuits with passion fruit from such a funny school cafeteria-like bakery, and vintage bottles of perfume, and hand-sewn toys, and books from a private little bookstore, and handmade cosmetics, and much more that I can't name, because, well, wait for Santa Claus!

For those who do not need items, we will give tickets to theater and cinema. Literally, ninety percent of our gift shopping is not from supermarkets nor online stores. No queues, no bags, and smiling salesmen, who are mostly shop owners.

Have you already bought all Christmas gifts?

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