And Just Like That Everything is Different...

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As everyone is aware there was a huge announcement today by Justin Sun...

Yet, I am still not clear what he acquired, and for the most part I think others would agree.

Remember Steem is code and the name of the token. There is nothing to say witnesses couldn't continue to run the current code.

On the other hand Tron and Justin have good brand and name recognition.

I don't know what it all means, but it could mean just a new airdrop of the new Tron token.

Who knows, remain calm and watch things unfold!

Those who handle change well and understand when nothing will be the same again, if you don't have control of what is happening, just leave your options open.



They need to sell me on the notion of abandoning the Steem chain_id. Until they do, Keep Calm and Steem On.

I'm wondering how it will impact the price of STEEM. So far it looks bullish, but more info is definitely needed.

Tron has a shite image. LOL. They basically copied and pasted someone elses white paper as their own.

Not saying it's not better now, but IMO it's almost as bad as STINCs in some parts of crypto (not counting Bitcoin maximalist because you know they hate everything equally).

Tron is an overvalued shitcoin ICO with no use case. This is really terrible in my opinion

Thanks for proving my point. Would you like to give any details on how Steem's use case is any better or worse than Tron's?

It was a grassroots project with no ICO and has over a dozen dapps which all provide their own use case. We should have forked steemit inc out of the chain when we had a chance...

There’s still every chance to do so.

Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I literally would have preferred Craig Wright buy the goddamn blockchain why did it have to be justin sun the king of the shitcoins uggggggghhhhhhhhh

  1. Ned sold Steemit.
  2. They are trying to token swap Steem for SteemTRX and kill the chain thus spreading the idea that Justin acquired Steem, which he cannot do.
  3. Not sure who owns the brand but it seems that we are looking at the "Ethereum Classic" and "Ethereum" situation.
  4. What the hell happens to SMTs right now? If that develops SMTs goes to TRON and they try and make Steem a subTRON token then there is no point in SMTs.
  5. While i dont trust the integrity of STEEM witnesses, they indeed can tell Ned and Justin to simply fuck off.
  6. Steemit doesnt own my content and without our content Steemit on Tron is just a poorly marketed brand without a community.
  7. We talked about forking out stake. NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT.

It seems that all that development talk was bullshit. Justin Sun has shown interest in buying Steemit during the last Tron convention our fine Andrarchy was on. (And thats a fact) It seems that while they were doing negotiations they wanted to kill the talks about forking out the ninjamine stake by starting up the talks about SMTs and Communities.

They fucked us.

He can only take Steem if we let him.

While i dont trust the integrity of STEEM witnesses, they indeed can tell Ned and Justin to simply fuck off.

The token swap seems so wrong. I put fiat into Steem because I wanted Steem for the long haul.

Well, @ned wants to convince you that Steem is dead and that you should swap your Steem for something thats clearly not steem.

It was an under performing project that many of our own witnesses barely took interest in...

Will it wake up or will it die.. I don't know yet.

Whatever Tron does will be something different ... perhaps using the old name.

It was an under performing project


Steem wasnt a blogging platform. It was just one of the use cases. What happens to Steem power and all the intricacies of Steem? I hardly believe Tron can emulate that unless the fucks have been working on creating Steem on Tron over the last year.

who called it a blogging platform.

Steem or SteemIt either one... underperforming. Price, users, transactions all on the decline.

As is the case with everything else. The difference is, is too stupid to lie like everyone else. EOS fakes 80% of their transactions. TRON more then that. Exchanges more then 90% of their volumes.

Its just that is too retarded to follow in suite.
If Tron had 20 million users like Justin says, there would be 0 reason to acquire Steemit.
He could pay a few mil for someone to make a social media site. But realistically thats not the case. He wants to buy US and pay NED.

Crypto is 90% bullshit and 10% transcending.... Its the knowing what is what that makes it exciting.

Yep and a lot of new tech projects fail, make bad decisions and more and some survive.

It certainly is high risk and exciting.

is this the new steem you were talking about?

Everyone panic right now!! Get Emotional!! The end is near.... kidding of course HAHAHA

The end could indeed be here. What ever happens, in the end, a lot of people will lose a lot of hard earned money. Really not a laughing matter.

People are to damn emotional in life... even with their money decisions... no way to live and people need to take full responsibility and move on.

Thats why im writing all this. Its not over till its over.

This will prepare me to find and investigate the Tron blockchain.

I did that and didn't like what I found. So much copied from Ethereum and Steem/EOS. So many horrible dapps, unlike the good ones we have with steem.

I will judge from my own perspective in the coming weeks. ;)

I am far from what would be considered truly knowledgeable about blockchain and crypto markets, but could this just be a somewhat elaborate pump and dump cooked up by Ned and Sun? From what I have read so far it is way too early to get excited and or panic over what ever is going on behind the scenes right now. I'm going to just going sit back and wait to see what happens next.

Will it be the same or the change that will be a new era hahahahah we will see:)

Oh, the drama...

It'll be interesting to see where the pieces fall, to be sure...

Maybe I am missing something, but I thought TRON was pretty much a shitcoin, and their network had no significant use cases?

Did we just flush everything down the toilet? Or potentially become rich?

I guess I'll just be waiting for updates.

Tron has gambling dapps, none of which have any users. Steemit alone gets more traffic then all Tron dapps combined, not counting Dlive.
Its just that people gave Justin more money then they gave Ned so he can buy stuff like he does.

Well whatever Tron does will be different, all I know for sure is everything is different.

Maybe SteemClassic.

I'll probably just keep on writing regardless of what happens...unless of course, I can't anymore!?!?!?!?

So true, change is constant.....

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Who knows, remain calm and watch things unfold!

Best advice so far, I just love all the speculation.

I'm enjoying some of the speculation as well, but the outright rage is annoying.

I’m on my second bottle of Vodka to escape this uncertainty. #SteemOnDude!

Sound and logical suggestions.

They have no place on Steem.

Looked like Justin doesn’t have any tech he just has money from the Chinese government and his strategy is to acquire instead of build anything!

While he can take we all have our keys and can pretty much do what we want with it if the witnesses are willing to maintain support!

The token swap news leaves a bad taste in my mouth but let’s wait for the AMA which will also be half truth half bullshit

Let us all hope for the best!!!!

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