Showcase Sunday: The Game Of Steem

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Game Type: Strategy

You have entered the game of Steem: The rules are murky and the payout is STEEM

One must first suspend all judgments of yourself and other players.

The goal is to gather and retain as much Steem as possible.

Players can do anything that doesn't physically harm anyone.

Players may make multiple accounts or focus energy on one powerful account

The game started on SteemIt, but has several communities with slightly different rules. These include: SteemPeak, 3speak, esteem, and others. New communities are being made at all times.

To begin game play each user must determine whether to buy, earn, rent, borrow or beg Steem.

The goal is to get as much steem as you can without drawing aggro from the community. A little bit of aggro is okay, but if you gather to much the community will downvote you, it takes away health points and future rewards.

Proceed Cautiously

There are tools along the way, to assist players with gathering the Steem. All tools require a balance of Risk and Rewards.

Players advance through stages of the game by creating and joining peer groups, creating and curating content, buying and selling votes, playing games, building tribes, building projects, running the game itself and other ways limited only by programming skills, imagination and of course demand.

All methods can be tricky and result in aggroing the community and loss of Rewards, Support and Future Rewards.

Don't hurt anyone and gather as much Steem as you can.

If all the players act irresponsibly the price of Steem will drop and act as a penalty to all players.

Suit up and I will see you on the field.

Hint: If you are reading this you are already playing.

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If you were offended by this post you are not playing the game correctly.

it's a joke, that hits close to home



I see it more like game of thrones where we kill all the foot soldiers without a though while trying to kill each other to take the top spots with the end result a lot of dead bodies and a few left standing. with everything in ruins around the victors.

We all play a game here, and no one knows what will happen next!
So far it went bad, but we hope 2020 will be the year of STEEM!


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yes @whatsup, we are still playing the game.

But many players are knocked out and new players are coming.
Steem is never a closing story

It is constant and changing at the same time. Good point. Some people lock themselves out, because they refuse to understand why it works the way it works.

Always liked strategy games 😉

It's like Monopoly without the Get out of jail free card.

Ahahha true! 😄

Begging for Steem should get you a 1 round penalty. 3 strikes and your account should be banned

:) Which leads to a new account.

Haha, well said!

Seems like over time it only gets truer

If that is how people operate perhaps we should be trying to foster it instead of fighting it. :)

I don't disagree. On my first week on Steem I started asking wny the community hates success. At the time the topic was TDV and Charlie Shrem. No matter what you think of them as people, they hold large followings which result in attention.

I don't think we should all go haejin style, but celebrating success is something we should embrace and not attack.

In the game of Steems you win, or you die...

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lol, well I don't take it that seriously... lol

2 years already has passed since that post and it is still valid.

haha, some things never change.

That was hilarious! Reminds me of the Hotel California in the way it rolls!

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