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RE: Getting ready to travel if I am ready or not!

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Hey Sharon,

this sounds absolutely horrible to be honest. Don't you have an option to go back to your home country to get a proper medical treatment?

I really respect your mental strength but there gotta be a point where it's enough? Life should be at least a little enjoyable to everyone. But when I read some of your posts, it's just a constant fight to go through the day.

Anyway, I really wish you the best of luck for this upcoming Visa run.

Take care!


Thank you so much for your concern, @worldcapture. You have got the picture entirely. This is very endless misery right now.

I barely ever lived in my home country and have not lived there since I was 19 - I'm 60 now. I don't have any ties to it except for my passport.

But I will go to the pharmacy here and in Thailand to see what they say. This needs to end soon so I can get back to better days.

Thank you again and I will get through this.