Individual Awards - Golden, Silver and Bronce Balls

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Every World Cup has individual awards for the best performances in specific positions or regarding achievements such as best goalkeeper, top scorer, young player and the golden ball for the most complete player in the tournament.

Como en cada mundial, hay una serie de distinciones individuales que premian los desempeños de los mejores jugadores del torneo, porteros, goleadores, jugadores jóvenes, y el balón de oro que premia al jugador mas completo del torneo, también existe el premio al Fair Play que premia el juego limpio.

Here is a full list of the awards given on this world cup:

Aquí dejamos un listado de los premios entregados en esta copa del mundo:


Golden Ball:
Luka Modric (Croatia): The midfielder from Real Madrid is a worthy winner for this indivisual awards that rewards being the most complete and arguably best player in the torunament. This award is bitter-sweet for the Croatian because even though he won this award, he still lost the final game against France. Due to this award and also winning the UEFA Champions league with Real Madrid, Modric is a serious contender for the FIFA Golden Ball in December, the most importan award of the year.

Balón de Oro:
Luka Modric (Croacia) El medio-campista del Real Madrid fue el digno ganador del premio individual de este mundial y aunque le sabe amargo por haber perdido la final contra Francia, parece un buen consuelo que sin duda, y debido a la consecución de la champions League con el equipo español, lo meterá a la pelea por el balón de Oro de la Fifa en el mes de Diciembre.


Silver Ball:
Eden Hazard (Belgium): Hazard was the most important player for Belgium in this world cup according to FIFA and even though there are some other players as important as Hazard for Belgium, the Chelsea FC player was the most unbalancing and disruptive in the offensive game and the one that played at the best level. Hazard was very close to playing the final Game but lost against France, still after that loss, he lead his team to a victory against England and won third place.

Balón de Plata:
Eden Hazard (Belgica): Hazard fue el jugador mas importante de Bélgica en este mundial según la FIFA, y aunque en Bélgica hay varios nombres del mismo calibre, el jugador del Chelsea de Inglaterra fue el mas desequilibrante y el que mejor jugo al fútbol en este mundial de fútbol., quedándose a muy poco de acceder a la final de este torneo.


Bronce Ball:
Antoine Griezman (France): As we once mentioned, this awards are subjective and even though everyone involved deserves to win, sometimes is hard to estalish who wins which one because in the end, it all comes down to the judges tastes. Antoine was the key players for France to win the world cup and won the Bronce Ball but it could´ve easily been Silver or Golden or even none if he chose to yield his place to Mbappe, who was also a key player for France.

Balón de Bronce:
Antoine Griezman (Francia): Como mencionamos alguna vez, estos premios son subjetivos y aunque todos los involucrados merecen estar en esta lista a veces es difícil definir el lugar en el que queda cada jugador, pues al final se decide por el gusto de los jueces, Antoine fue fundamental para el titulo de Francia y se llevo el Balón de Bronce, aunque bien pudo ser el de plata o no siquiera figurar en esta lista y cederla su lugar a Mbappe.


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The winners, the winners, the winners!!!! :-D

Sorry but when are you going to announce the winners of the contest ... I'm tired of having to visit your blog 50 times a day, just give us a date

When we are ready, it's not that simple. If it's too much of a problem to visit the blog 50 times a day, follow the account and it when we post the winners it will show in your feed

It is a pity that Crocia was not world champion, honestly for me they deserved to take the cup home for the excellent performances they had throughout the qualifying rounds of the World Cup, which yes, despite leaving some doubts against Denmark and Russia ... But you should not go sad, on the contrary, this selection shows us that in football everything is possible if you have faith. As for the individual prizes, everything is fine, Modric won the gold ball deservedly and, as you say, it is a very important consolation prize. It should also be taken into account that the performance of Rakitic was equally good, but that of Madrid earned all the praise. Regards!

I think the election of the most outstanding winners of the World Cup was successful, although I would have liked the golden ball for Antoine Griezman. Good analysis!

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