It's sad that you're no longer here. but really to say hive also has many things to change to be able to develop more

I am still here, just folding my cards as I think the investment is not good any more

Where are you going to invest? If possible, can you share it with me?

For now I think Bitcoin is the safest place

Actually, for my friends in Southeast Asia and some friends in countries where money is worth less than USD, hive or steem are both a place to write and earn money. i have a friend before he said that hive is the place to change his life before he only earns about 100 usd a month

This is the way it should have been. But my feelings is things are changing. The PoS is always making the rich think they know best. Ethereum might also go that path. I would wait with Bitcoin to see how things playout.

It is important to understand that the blogging platform is not the most important or valuable part of Hive.
Hive is developing as the decentralised back end platform for everything from games to podcasting to live notifications.

I've been quiet because I've been busy sailing the Med for the last 2 months but intend to return to blogging soon.

The only thing that is about to go down is your reputation.