Weekly Battle Challenge: Dragon Summoner Theme

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Zup people, Kevian21 here

I present to you today a battle challenge: dragon themed using quix the devious as summoner playing by the rule-set in silver league leaderboards.

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Quix the devious


This summoner is strong in rule-set no melee, thus when used with magic dmg negation card along he is hard to beat.

The battle

weeky battle challenge dragon summoner theme 2.JPG

Battle link

Quix the devious is very advantageous when used in no melee ruleset, in which he provides ranged magic reduction to enemies by 1 point, and also a speed debuff by 1 point.

my strategy from this battle is to resist his magic dmg "(if my enemy happened to have)" which he/she just did from this particular battle with mixed ranged dmg.


if your fighting in a high mana battle, try to make your Physical dmg output 10 and above, because almost all players will pull off a high hp tanker for the battle just like what my enemy did in this particular battle.

as to why i am emphasizing the usage of physical dmg over magic, good players will always have atleast 1 or more anti-magic card rendering it null and may cause you to lose in most cases in this particular battle, i had 3 anti magic cards which he stand no chance if she/he magic barraged me with magic dmg.

I climb up the leaderboards using this 2 strategy in every game bearing in mind.

  1. can i survive sneak attacks

  2. anti-magic card atleast 1


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