Gavin Newsom ingenious plan or pay back for recall petition?

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California is said to be setting the stage for the early release of as many as 76,000 prison inmates, including 63,000 who were convicted of violent crimes, as Governor Gavin Newsom furthers his efforts to reduce incarceration.

Here it is, California, Gavin Newsom’s plan to get back his popularity after over a million people signed the recall petition. He’s going to release 63,000 violent criminals. You liberal Californians have been complaining for many years about the high rate of incarceration so Gavin has responded by letting the worst of the worst out of prison. Doncha just LOVE it? You do if you’re George Clooney or any of the other Hollywood glitterati in their multi-million dollar mansions.

For the rest of California, if you thought Gavin’s lockdowns were intolerable you ain’t seen nothing yet. You’re all going to want to stay indoors and if you don’t have a gun yet you better get one. Why it’s almost like Gavin is almost, like, punishing everybody who signed that recall petition. And the police on patrol are going to love these well-behaved violent criminals too. The Sonoma County Antifa cell was already joking about killing cops; maybe those criminals can join Antifa and Black Lives Matter and become neighbourhood organizers for social justice. BLM is already a mutual appreciation club for neighbourhood drug gangs, you can bet on that. Did you know that BLM somehow gathered $90 million in “donations” last year (hey IRS. You wanna check that out?)?

The releases are expected to occur in the coming months and years as sentences end earlier in a state that's already gripped by rising violent crime. For instance, homicides in Los Angeles jumped 38% last year to 349, the highest level in more than a decade, and are on pace in 2021 to surge a further 200%.
"I feel for the innocent children and women who were assaulted by those perps," one Twitter commenter said of the early parolees. "Did anyone have them in mind while making this decision?”

Nope. Gavin and his rich “liberal” partners (in crime? COME ON! What do you think?) don’t have to think about anybody but themselves.