California Coast - The Pacific 1

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Some people in crypto lost sight of buying supercars and endlessly being on vacation. They started dropping bags on pixelated apes instead. Very odd stuff. I kept focused on the Supercars and experiences.


This is the California Coast between Monterey and Santa Barbara. I was heading North to South.

The water looked unreal at Garapata State Park. So blue!

Driving the Pacific 1 in the Bentley was badass for sure. I had several people say I was suddenly going to miss out on Car Week in Monterey where the Supercars and Hypercars converge!!! But I had to get over to AZ for a doctor's appointment for my arm and also go on a camping trip.


Some of the coastal cliffs drop off so far it is unreal.


There were tons of kelp beds out there you could see.

The coast was pretty rugged with lots of turns until I got to San Luis Obispo where Cal Poly is. Super cool looking town. Certainly seems like the California Dream there.

Santa Barbara was pretty amazing to be honest and if it wasn't for the extreme expense it seems like a good place to live to be honest.

Who else has been down / up the California coast?


Who else has been down / up the California coast?

Maybe on the radio. I am a licensed radioamateur. I make contacts with various countries. I have not turned on my transceiver (Yaesu FT-450D) in the recent past. Currently I am busy not to become homeless with my Harris's hawk.

The government sold the house, and I have to leave my current rent before 2022.09.10.

Hard times, but I constantly look for a solution. If not a rent, then something else. Hopefully I will find something.

Good move on investing in the car 😎 enjoy the ride along the amazing coast! Did you do 17 mile drive in Monterey?

Lovely blue sky and sea! Lovely day to be out there! Memorable moments in life!