Living The California Dream

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It is a love and hate relationship with California. The natural beauty is unbelievable and so is the expense. I have seen gas as high as $6.50 out here.

This is the first time I have been out here since before the pandemic started.

There are still a lot of people wearing 3 ply masks that costs $0.04 ..... they even wear them around outside.




Lovely weather, lovely day!
I will have to learn to ride a horse soon!

Horses would be good if you have a large grass pasture where they can feed themselves. 🤠

Maybe they're gearing up for monkeypox.


I haven't heard what is supposedly going on with the whole Monkeypox situation. I don't know if it is vaccinated people who have destroyed immune systems from taking the vaccine or what

It's not a novel virus. I did hear that the primary spreading is due to the "genital" version which sounds great. Basically, you get a rash, then covered in blisters, then scabbing, and it should last 2-4 weeks. Blisters on genitals? I don't know if I'm willing to risk it for that biscuit.

Yeah, sounds great for sure

I have seen gas as high as $6.50 out here.

Wow. And I thought that around $1.34 USD is too expensive. Nowadays this is the average gas price in my country (Hungary).

Car is indeeed became a luxury. One of my falconer friends, who have a car, said a few years ago that owning a car is a luxury. Nowadays this is indeed true.

People, who nowadays own a gas fueled car have to reach deep into their pockets to travel with their cars.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

It is certainly getting expensive to own and opperate vehicles and machinery