Call to Action! - Mention $HIVE on @LunarCRUSH's Tweet

Hey Hivers!

There is a new opportunity to promote HIVE on Twitter. This time, LunarCRUSH made a Tweet requesting their followers to mention their favorite coins. Up to five coins will be covered, and HIVE needs to be one of them. I'm asking for the support of the HIVE community, follow these steps:

  • Go to this Tweet and mention $HIVE and #HIVE.
  • For bonus points, share something cool about HIVE and add a picture or GIF about HIVE.
  • Retweet LunarCRUSH's Tweet so your followers can participate too.
  • Paste your tweet in the comments below to earn an upvote.
  • No cheating!


LunarCRUSH's Tweet:


Ready Over here! Always at the front!

My tweet with the help of @beehibee 🐝

Just joined the fight!
Go for Hive



Damn... Twitter censoring me again. 🤬

Are you donald trump? 🤣😂


HIVE definitely will be covered, so many people replying to that tweet.

Here's my contribution to this good cause.

Anything for Hive

More power to HIVE


Like i mentioned in my tweet and the photo i designed,"Hive is centred on growth; Hive Breeds growth; Hive encourages growth; and Hive is growth."

We truly deserve this space.... For the Hive Community!!!

This is my Tweet for Loved and Dreamed $HIVE and #HIVE.

Done as always. Anything to promote hive on twitter.

Ohh Yeah!

I had to put a LeoFinance spin on mine:

Let's go Sensei!

let's go :)

While I can support with Hive I will carry out it with a lot of pleasure

Great initiative bro!

And here we go! 😁

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My Twit:


Happy to participate and here is my proof of work. Thanks Dan.

Sure: 2 > 1



All for #hive. My support is ready!.

We up!! Anything for $Hive. #Hive



Did and done!

Hive On. Here is my tweet:

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done from my side

Here is mine


Here am I.


Хайде хора на хорото който има Twitter;)

@arena10 @lyubo19 @cryptospa @vesytz @mushanov

you are amazing sir thanks a lot for what you are doing for this amazing community

I have completed all the tasks you have asked for:



Here muy participation!


Mi participación. Un placer

Done my won side

I say present with Hive.

Happy to participate!

Done! Here os the tweet:

Happy 2021! Keep safe, thanks and good luck again!


Thanks for the info Dan, let´s make them cover us! :)

Bez názvu.png

Here you go. Better late than never - I hope ;)

Here's my tweet.

Hello. Siempre con con mucho gusto contribuyendo con sus iniciativas.

Here it is.

Any opportunity to promote hive is a opportunity we should all take!

There we go!

It was a pleasure for me to help.

Here is mine.

My tweet 😊

I tweeted last night


Aquí está mi llamado a la acción:


My something cool about Hive is that it will soon have eXode game.


Thanks for doing this!

Here's my tweet:


Here's My tweet!

I dont have any followers hardly on any Twitter accounts but I made a post under my alt and I am about to post again under my main for the extra exposures!

Here's mine

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Someone can explain me how to link the tweet in the comment? LOL

@mvl2304, if you share the link to your tweet, it will auto embed the tweet in your reply. 😊

OMG I don't know that, TY so much

You're very welcome! 😊

Thanks for sharing

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$hive #HIVE
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