I Decided To Camp Tonight

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I had to fly to Arizona for my bicep tear operation. Now I'm back in California and the weather is really nice here close to Monterey so I'm just going to camp and breathe the fresh air to help my bicep heal.

I'm going to post a couple pictures from before too! The Cali dream, turned into the Cali reality, to the cali nightmare with my bicep blowing up. But it's all good.... I'm recovering.




Gosh! You! What! That must have been quite painful! No wonder you didn’t post for some time!

Hope you are mending super fast!!but take things easy!! Go camping at least once a month!

Good luck.

Yeah, I was so busy and then this happened which is crazy. I should have been posting more

I hope you're OK now. Camping on the beach with the sound of the waves lulling you into sleep? Lovely 😊🌊

Whats the temperature during the night? And the sea, can you swim in it?

During our vacation on Sardegna I slept outside most of the nights. No roof above me, just the stars. I miss those nights

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I'm not close enough to hear the waves but it is 66F during the day and about 50F at night. It isn't bad at all.