Canada approves Pfizer for 12 year olds!

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In the US and in every other country except Algeria the Pfizer injection is prohibited for people younger than 16. Why would that be? Would that be because the jab is considered too dangerous for children? Never mind, Canada is now joining Algeria to offer up our 12 year olds and up to be experimental animals for Pfizer. What persuaded our government to give our teens to Pfizer and our tax money too? Pfizer did a “study” of 2,260 American teens 12 to 16. I don’t have a big enough screen on my little calculator to tell you what percentage of 330 million people 2,260 is, way too many zeros after the zero point zero zero etc I’m sure. And they must have done this “trial” on the run for the results to roll out so fast.

And Pfizer assured our government that the jab is 100% effective. What does that mean? In the space of how ever many days after being jabbed with whatever the hell Pfizer jabbed 2,260 kids with none of them got Covid? On Pfizer’s honest word. Scouts honour. Pinky promise. Those jabs weren’t salt water, trust Pfizer.

What are the chances that a kid that age ever gets Covid? I could bring up the stat, I’ve been saving this data as it’s been reported by some of the most learned and eminent doctors and immunologists in the world for over a year; the instance of any symptoms of Covid in kids is about as close to absolute zero as you can get.

But Pfizer says their profit-making jab is A-OK and that’s good enough for our government. Our government will lay our people open to any experiment that Pfizer wants to use us for. That’s how little our government values our lives.

Pfizer says these kids, all 2,260 of them, exhibited very “robust” antibody production for the extremely short duration of this so-called trial. That sounds just like the vigorous antibody production in the ferrets and other lab animals that were given another experimental mRNA jab in 2003 an 2009 just before they all died from a runaway autoimmune reaction when exposed to the wild virus. But these human lab animals, all 2,260, got sore arms and fevers only, SO FAR. Says Pfizer, the company that makes this jab and profits from it.

There’s been no trial whatsoever done by any outside parties. There’s no time for that. We gotta rush rush rush. It’s an emergency. Our teenagers are getting Covid at an alarming rate of 0.0000 something. And they are passing it on to everybody even if they don’t have it. So says Pfizer. So says the company that makes and profits from their jab. Nobody, NOBODY, from outside Pfizer has checked up on Pfizer’s in-house “trial”. It’s all Pfizer’s word for this safety and effectiveness and that’s all the “Science” we apparently will ever get.

And that’s good enough for our government. Up onto the conveyer belt go our 12 year olds. Hurry, hurry, quick quick, “ROUSE" as the Nazis in the movies used to say. What’s good enough for Algeria is good enough for us.

Four days ago 100,000 people marched and demonstrated against the lockdowns in Montreal. Our whole nation is dying of lockdowns. Our politicians might as well be cardboard cutouts for all the objections raised by any of them in Parliament, any of our parliaments.

The Ontario and BC Human Rights Tribunals have been summarily fining people for years for being racists and bigots on the unsupported word of malcontents whom defendants are not permitted to question and people have just been taking it, paying those fines and swallowing the bitterness and disgust at realizing that our governments will actively persecute us for non-existent crimes. Now we see the result of that. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. There’s a man in jail in BC, last I heard, because he called his daughter “she” and some judge didn’t like it.

Now people are getting fined for breaking the Covid Rules and opening their businesses to keep from going bankrupt. The government has never let any of these cases go to court because they would be thrown out as unconstitutional and even one such case would establish the case law to send this pyramid of lawless persecution tumbling down. That would be all it would take.

But our legal system is choking on the do-good-ism of Liberal judges who will do whatever the government says. And that means our democracy, our constitution, our laws and our parliaments are choked like a blocked toilet. Any and every arbitrary dictate the Prime Minster’s Office wants to experimentally levy is unopposed. That’s Canada today. The government can persecute me and destroy my savings on anybody’s whim, I knew that. Now I see that the government will put our lives on the line, our kids on the line, ruin our livelihoods, send police to harass and intimidate and fine us, lock us away from our families in secret detention, threaten to shut our kids out of school and get us fired from our jobs, all on the word of some “health authority” bureaucrat, a person under the orders of people outside our country with a vested interest. I never in all my years imagined my country could become so rotten.