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If it weren’t for Rebel News I wouldn’t know that the governments of Canada and of Alberta and Quebec are persecuting citizens and treating them as if they were terrorists for the non-crime of standing up for their constitutional rights. Chris Sky is now on Canada’s no-fly list because he declined to be tested, masked and taken to a secret hotel to be quarantined at his own expense but walked free out of an airport as is his legal right. A pastor in Alberta has been stopped on the highway, cuffed and arrested by a heavily armed Swat Team because he not only held a small Sunday service but demanded that police leave his private chapel; I wonder if he’d been OK to hold a brief gathering in a Walmart or a liquor store, since any amount of “gatherings” seem to be permitted there. A keeper of a small store has been arrested in Alberta because he served hamburgers.

And it’s not just the 99.5% Survivable New Flu that gives our politicians, judges and “Health Authority” Commissariats the self-righteousness to “suspend” our constitution, laws and Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Transsexual Movement will do as just as well. A man in British Columbia has been imprisoned because he objected to his 14 year old daughter being given puberty blocking hormones which he was advised would be dangerous for her health and permanently sterilize her. He capped this act of defiance by persisting in calling his daughter she instead of he and talking to Rebel News and a judge didn’t like to be defied by a man who thought naively that he was in a free country.

So far we Canadians are officially in a lawful democracy with civil rights but that’s just on paper; some of us are anticipating some case of Covid fines or Covid incarceration or Covid bullying by police to come to court and be dismissed as unconstitutional. But I note that our Chief Justice of our Supreme Court has already echoed the proclamation of our Health Authority, Bonnie Henry of BC, that when it comes to the Great Lockdown our Charter rights are “not absolute”, not if “truthful statements contain hate".

So I fear rather than hope in our courts. We used to think we had a democracy up here but this global lockdown has ripped the polite fiction off of the absolute power of our Prime Minister’s Office. The PMO has absolute power even if it heads a minority government let alone if it has secured a majority. The House of Commons, the Senate, the Governor General, the Supreme Court and every court, all the media, all the newspapers – absolutely none of these institutions are able to defy the PMO. This has been successively proved over the last 50 years by a parade of dictatorial prime ministers and abject parliaments and now the absolute dictatorship is in full flower. I used to imagine we were so much more liberal and kind and lawful and free than the Americans but I’m not a fool anymore.

The last 14 months have opened my eyes onto a very dark vista. Ezra Levant has possibly said his last word to inform me that our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has funded what he calls The Anti-Hate Network, an “offshoot” subsidiary of the US far-left propaganda factory the Southern Poverty Law Centre. So Hate, hating anything the Prime Minister’s Office declares to be Lovable, is as good as Covid to whip us with. This is not a free country.