Saturday Gardening

Woke up this morning to a stunning sunny day and it's Saturday which is even better, my 2 Green Sharks are permanently outside and seem to be doing well.
Also just germinated a couple of Blue amnesia's
Also i have another Gorilla Glue seedling :), all of these new three will be outside with the two sharks which will be good as i have never grown Auto's outside
That leaves Gorilla is in the tent to finish which is around 25 days give or rush but i am banking on glue for Xmas :)

i better go have a sess and mow the lawns i suppose, fuck its still only 8.37am here...

Have a good day everyone

I am @dr-autoflower
IMG-2252 - Copy.JPG

all pics taken with my iPhonesevenpieceofshithateit


looking good man, I never had luck starting seeds like that.

overall i have been doing alright, had a few hic-ups every now and again, seems to me the more i smoke the worse i get @ germinating seeds..LOL

Dude this is/can be the dream job. I need about 10000.0 plants, a computer, a burner phone. We can create gps based dapps for weedcash and let users earn real pot , and an VR/AR web based weedcashshops full of offline/online products lol I wish I had more land. Anybody looking for a weed farmer. :D #weedcashshop