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Hemp doesn't get you literary high, but you can get highly excited what can be produced, created from this plant, this is what this next item may do as I'm excited what this could mean the hemp industry, environment, fuel industry, the future of dreamers, creators, designers using hemp.

There is a Canadian company that was formed in 2012 they have put in motion to build a small plane which can carry four passengers and one pilot, hemp will be used to replace hemp jet fuel - the company has made, the wings, seat-belts, pillows, and the plane walls.

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The plane was meant to set off from Kitty Hawk North Carolina, where the Wright brothers first flew there Wright Flyer in 2016, it looks like the company is still looking for funding for the hemp plane, they are producing smaller scale hemp products.

The possibilities of flying high in a hemp plane may become reality.

Would you fly high in the sky in a hemp plane?

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Absolutely hemp is going to change everything from building materials and hemp Crete to the fiber being used as a replacement for all sorts of paper products.

Fiberglass was actually a reverse engineered method of fiber hemp and resin...

Yep absolutely eco-friendly from the beginning of automobiles and it was decades before they were able to engineer proper epoxies and highly toxic binding agents.

And it wasn't totally figured out the fiber glass was what they needed in terms of strength.

There's so much hemp can do, we haven't touched on cars and all the things within that can be created with hemp, nor paper products just yet they are on the long list of things to cover with hemp.

It's really interesting learning more deeper how it was used and the technology we have now to what can be done with it.

smoking cheeba cheeba in a plane call it double high

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