ADSactly Hemp Health: Hemp Urinals To Combat Wild Peeing On The Streets Of Amsterdam

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When nature calls it calls, it doesn't care where you are, who you are, it needs to be relieved, trying to find a facility when your out and about whether it be public, a store, the cafe can be quite difficult even before corona virus hit in some areas there are a lack of public facilities, stores, cafes may not have customer toilets, some places only have customer toilets, if you have a weak bladder it can leave you in a very curious position with either soiling one's self or wild peeing. which one would you choose?

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Amsterdam had the foresight before reopening business's when corona-virus lock-down was lifted they place eight Greenpee urinals in tourist areas to combat wild peeing which damages old buildings, leaves the stench odor of pee through the streets.

Greenpee a Dutch company combined sustainability, durability, functional, visual attractiveness to solve the solution of public urination with durable stainless steel urinals in either a single or double with dimensions of 96 width x 105 height x 82cm depth with the capacity of 300 toilet visits for a single, a double 69 width x 105 height x 69cm depth dimensions with the capacity of 450 toilet visits with no connections need for water or sewerage pipes, hemp fiber soaks up the odor stench in a urine container which can be emptied back into the environment as fertilizer for plants once it has composted down providing plants a phosphate-rich organic fertilizer in-enriching plants naturally with phosphate which is contained in human urine which is normally flushed away.

The urinals are also fitted with a 30-liter water reserve which collects rainwater which can be used during the dryer months to water plants, with a built In-hydro system for watering and nourishing the plants.

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Using the biodegradable, sustainable, eco-friendly,odor-absorbing hemp fiber in a call of nature, fertilizing plants with the compost of the hemp fiber and urine enriching plants is another use for this versatile plant.

These urinals are for standing up purposes, aimed for men, ladies you may feel left out a company in Copenhagen has come up with a ladies urinal for events, unfortunately, they haven't incorporated hemp into their product, which possibly be created out of hemp plastic.

The solution Lapee wanted to solve was an efficient, cleaner, safer option for ladies at events to be able to pee.
The line at events for ladies is atrocious it is so long you spend a good portion of your time in a line, when you finally get in if you haven't stepped into a puddle of pee, doing a balancing squat to not touch any surface inside.

The design of the loos is like a three-winged windmill, which has made them 600% more effective at events.

Would you use a outdoor urinal?

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