Medical or Recreational Cannabis

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Hi all.

I’m just trying to make sense of this so maybe someone can explain this to me.

They talk about medical marijuana and they talk about recreational marijuana. Hmmmmm

Cannabis in my opinion is the only medicine that is safe to party with. I don’t understand where one would even call cannabis a recreational drug.

You can drink liquor recreationaly but it has no medicinal value. It kills many people and destroys many families.

You can smoke cigarettes but it has no medicinal value. We all know cigarettes are bad for you.


When you smoke or use Cannabis for its good feeling effect it still has medicinal value. So, it’s always medicine. Am i right? It doesn’t magicaly lose medicinal value when you use it to feel good.

Its the only high that I know that is medicinal and feels good.

Is it that “they” are upset that great, inexpensive medicine makes you feel good?
It seems like calling it recreational is just a way to make it look bad.


I used to think when I was younger “Wouldn’t it be great to smoke some kind of cigarette that is harmless?” Or “ Wouldn’t it be great to get a “buzz on” like liquor without it hurting you? Without vomiting and watching people get violent and crazy?

Well, here you are! Cannabis is not only harmless, it has medicinal value. My dream has come true. You can even make joints that don’t make you high if you want to watch smoke come out if your mouth without it hurting you. Why, you can make medicinal cigarettes. Wow!

Man oh man.
The weed haters just won’t stop messing with us.

We are doomed if we continue to let the government tell us how to party, what medicine is good for us and what to use as nutrition. Cannabis is nutritious.

The message they are trying to get across is “If you want to get high then drink liquor or smoke cigarettes because they are legal. Cannabis is illegal so don’t dare get caught using it recreationaly. Recreational use leads to abuse and addiction.

What bullshit!


Here in the Philippines the pres is very happy to say that he will not take away medicinal marijuana from his people but if you smoke it and you get caught and resist i will kill you! Really.

Cannabis is now medicinaly legal in Philippines but only in oils, creams, pills but absolutely no flower. There will be no smoking even for medicinal purposes. No recreational use or else!

Don’t get me wrong, its a great big step here ans i certainly appreciate it. I promise not to smoke it.


But is he confused? Maybe I just don’t understand he term “Recreational Cannabis”. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

I have arthritis, insomnia, anxiety and I tried all the pharma pills and they all suck and very expensive. I am 62 years old, i smoked weed for 45 years in USA without the fear of being killed but now I don’t dare smoke here in the Philippines for fear of being killed.

I retired here for financial reasons mostly. It’s very affordable here for me. I just wish I could smoke again. I will be happy with the alternatives but medicating with smoke or vape is the greatest.

I just don’t believe there is such a thing as “Recreational Cannabis”.

Any comments? I would love to hear some comments on this post. It’s been bothering me for a long time.

Peace! Life is good. Arthritis really sucks though.