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RE: From seed to cannabinoid in 80 days flat - 200% Organic!

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I was actually talking to a vegan, ane he said the bone meal can be found in nature from an animal that died of natrual means. Ofcourse i highly doubt bonemeal on the market is, but if one did collect their own that would be considerd vegan. What do you beleive?


For me, I don't want to contribute to any suffering, so I don't use animal blood/bones even though they are found in nature. The stuff you can buy is generally from factory farming operations, or something just about as bad. The more I buy, the more they'll create. I don't want to be part of the demand/supply equation for animal parts, even to any small degree. But I agree, animal blood and bones are healthy for plants, and can definitely be found in nature! I think plants grown using such products are still organic, but perhaps not necessarily vegan.
Thanks for asking :)