Bag-seeds - Week 5 (Day 31)

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Hi all,

So it's middle of week 5 of flower in this "Bag-seeds" grow. They are starting to look like different strains and I am 100% not sure what they are. I started this grow with a bunch of random bag-seeds collected over time. Since it's my first run, I was experimenting different ways to grow. After snapping, breaking, drowning, burning and herming...I am down to 3 survivors.

#1 - Seven-Head Main Line, short and firm, smells like OG.

#2 - Five-Head Main Line, tall, firm and turned purple end of week 4 of flower, no smell yet. I'm hoping it's a wedding cake or cookies...yum

#3 - Topped under sixth node, smells like OG, 13 head plant in 5 gallon pot

NEXT End of Week Five

Right on! Lots of people will say stay away from bagseed, but screw that! There are gems to be found within cannabis seeds, and even in bagseed! Only way to find them is to grow them:)

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So what I learned after I planted; Bag seeds come from herms most of the time, so they are feminized. The big problem with feminized seeds is they carry the trait to herm. I am hoping I got them all out and the ones that are still here are the strong phenotypes that can do something great. Inexperience might give me a nice outcome.

Yeah for sure. But I think every cannabis plant has a tendency to herm, some easier then others.