Jungle Boys- "LA Kush Cake" - End of Week-2-Veg

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Hi All,

So it's end of week 2 of veg. in the LA Kush Cake grow...

This week I did heavy trimming and cleared the growth under the 3rd node.

I plan to do 8-head mainline on all 5 plants. I will top after the 3rd or 4th node this week...

If you haven't done a mainline grow and want to learn, check back daily for instructional and progress posts...

End of Week-2-Veg: Jungle Boys (and Girls)

For this grow I am using the entire line of Fox Farm nutrients based on the schedual below:

(Source: Fox Farm)

Week-2-Veg., Feeding 2x per week -0.1 gallon of water for each plant. I also water 2x per week in-between feedings

6 tsp per gallon of "Big Bloom"
2 tsp per gallon of "Grow Big"
1 tsp per gallon of "Boomberang"
1/2 tsp per gallon of "Kangaroots"
1/2 tsp per gallon of "Microbe Brew"
1/2 tsp per gallon of "Wholly Mackerel"
2 tsp per gallon of "Flower Kiss"
Flower Kiss foliar spray 2x per week; 30 min before lights-on.

100 Watt, Mars Hydro LED at 3 feet distance, 21/3 light-cycle
75°- 80°
60% - 66%

Check-Out the previous post on this subject.


nice stuff wish you a good grow use the cannabis #
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Thanks. I do it's the first one so it comes out in red. Thanks for reblog.

yes I dont reblog often but its good content so you welcome

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