Happy Solstice from the Sunny Okanagan!

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Happy Summer Solstice!

I enjoyed the longest day of the year biking, gardening barefoot, and having a campfire with my family. We're about to have a heatwave in the Okanagan, British Columbia. It'll be good weather for slip 'n slides, going to the beach, and making real iced tea.
orange hot.jpg

The fridge is stocked with home-made salads and microwaveable dishes to stay cool in the heat. How do you toke when it's hot outside? An e-nail is a nice luxury, but nothing beats a pipe or bong in the backyard and then basking in the sun.


Happy Midsummer, MediKatie! <3

Why is it called midsummer if it's technically the first day of summer? Not sure, we'll have to hit the pipe and think about it ;)

Hmmmmmm, deep thoughts....
Can Beyond Beef be tainted?

Gross, who would rub their taint on the fake beef?!

That ain't right...

Great pic!! I love the orange theme. Very aesthetic. :))

Damn i forgot about it being the Solstice!

Well, it's still solstice time! The sunsets aren't getting any sooner quite yet, sunrise is just getting later.

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