News Haikus 2: The "Experts" Weighing in On Your Cannabis Use During the Lockdown

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The “experts” are weighing in on your cannabis consumption during the pandemic! Apparently, it’s not enough that we’ve all been financially decimated, psychologically traumatized, and emotionally beaten down for no good reason.

Stick to occasional use and lower THC

No, it’s not enough that we’ve got nothing to do, nowhere to go, and nobody to see, now they want you to use less weed while you’re at home by yourself, and make sure it’s from legal sources when you do occasionally use THC. The “experts” have the audacity to claim “there are no known health benefits of cannabis”, and CBC the courtesy to use the word “risk” over a dozen times in the same article. Anyway, here are some news haikus from different views.

News haikus.png

Known health benefits
stress, boredom and loneliness...
...of the pandemic

Marijuana use
increasingly popular
work, home or school

Extol the virtues
benefits of cannabis
consumption increased


Nice big typo in the original article...TCH....oooops. No health benefits at all? Suck an infused dick, lol!

The "experts" are lames, promoted more suffering... When it comes to cannabis, they should really stay out of it.

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Main stream BS trying to scare people is all