Nice, it's always good to see more cannabis content (and cute girls) on the blockchain!

Hooray for LBRY! The blockchain was sketchy at first, especially video. It was so difficult to get video uploads, only to have them be temporary and have to constantly be changing host platforms. Too bad there wasn't LBRY like it is now when we first started uploading @GirlsofGreen videos on the blockchain.

Valid concerns! LBRY is a lot better now, that's for sure. Also, 3Speak has come a long way, and no longer charges by the month, so maybe we'll upload some of your videos there at some point too. :)
So good to have things taking shape and starting to work better here.
The bull run will bring more innovations and interest.

lol sweet I am not a loner on their dabbing anymore, I stopped cause I was like what am I doing with my life lol but it's more fun than looking at the wall to upload dab vids!

It seems more important to dab in public now given the current situation. I should go for some tokes in public.