My review of Ascend dispensary Rochelle park

in #cannabislast year


I was in a hurry, the rep was very helpful. Awesome store layout, security guy oversees the store from second floor indoor balcony felt very James bondinsh 007 in there.
I did buy a vaporizer which I could not connect the cartridge to the thing. No matter how hard I tried the task became more difficult. I took the vape pen apart and the thing fell into pieces.


It was like a comedy show, anyway waste of $30 on a vape pen so high tech like it felt like alien technology, but at the same time so overly engineered that nothing works lol.
I did buy some flower to which I blazed and felt like I was and am on cloud 9. I purchased some blueberry and banana puddintain (yes a strange sounding word). Overall I wish I can come back to this dispensary with some more time, being my taxi driver outside was waiting for me at the time. What an excellent first visit to a highly professional dispensary. I highly recommend!


Take that pen back, they should replace that. So crazy, it really must be alien tech lol. Cool post dude, would love to see some flower shots next time :)

I actually managed to get the vape back assembled 100% functionally intact