A mechanic how to - Replace your brakes!

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Good evening world of steemit!

Today I had a simple job (they all start out that way..) of replacing rear brakes pads on a 2012 Chrysler - Town and Country. I was asked to check it out because it began grinding when coming to a stop. After driving it and a visual inspection, it clearly needed brake pads.

See the grooves? No bueno. The pad had already started eating into the rotor from the metal to metal contact. Every vehicle is different, but this particular vehicle required a 13mm and 18mm socket or wrench. Jack vehicle up (USE JACK STANDS!!), and remove tire. Start by removing the two 13mm bolts holding on the caliper (the top and bottom bolt pictured).

After that, take out the pads by gripping and pulling straight out. Old pads.
Then remove the two 18mm caliper bracket bolts, and pull off your rotor.

It's recommended to resurface your rotors every pad change. This is done by taking your rotor to a shop, and the technician will mount it on a brake lathe which will shave metal off of the rotor to create a like new smooth finish.

Slide your rotor back on and reinstall the 18mm bolts and caliper bracket. Of course, tighten. Next you'll want to put lubricant on all contact points of the brake pads. Meaning it something touches the pad in that spot, put grease there.

Now your brake caliper piston needs to be reinstalled, BUT because the piston is pushed out of its bore, you need to push it back in. Normally done with a c clamp type tool, but because Chrysler is the work of the devil, these calipers have to be twisted back in. Grab you special tool and a 3/8" ratchet:
Line up the pins with the slots in the piston, and twist. Keep in mind: Some may be left handed thread.
After that, reinstall the caliper over the pads and install the 13mm bolts. Tighten. Then, step back and admire your work.

This vehicle also required a caliper replacement which I have saved for another post, so check back!

If you tackle this yourself and get injured or die, I am in no way responsible.
I did not instruct you to hurt yourself.

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Excellent post! We need more straight talk like this; especially about cars.

I'll take disc brakes over drums any day. I hate dealing with the springs

Steemit really needs this type of post, it really does. Keep these coming!!

Couldn't agree more. I am legendarily terrible at anything dealing with cars and love seeing tutorials like this because I never would go out of my way to look them up. Thanks @drobinson for sharing your expertise with us!

Nice post! I know practically nothing about DIY car maintenance so this was an informative introduction.

Glad to hear I could inform! Thanks, @runaway-psyche!

Nice! 👍I have to do this Saturday. Your post is perfect! 🚗

Glad to hear, @daynewright! Thanks!

This very well may be the first automotive "how to" post we have had on steemit. Seems like there is a niche for it....keep it going man.

Pretty crazy to think no one has done this! Thanks, @scaredycatguide!!

Good work man them pads looks very warn

They were indeed! Thanks, @jameskray!

A good post. Thanks for this information.
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Thank you. Cheers

Great post my love! You are talented and amazing!

Thank you babe! You are so talented and amazing as well!!

You are so very welcome! 😃😇😘

Good postings, as important information

Скоро предстоит замена тормозных колодок и передних тормозных дисков. Познавательная статья!

Большое спасибо!

Nicely done @drobinson. Assess the situation and attack it accordingly 🚗

Big thanks, @sandstorm!

Your welcome broham!

Nice post - good pics and clear descriptions, thanks! I'll be tackling pad replacement in one of the coming weekends.

Nice post, just one suggestion, I would not put grease in the spots that you put them. I do not put any type of grease in those spots. You can put a product like
"Brake Quiet" on the back of the pads, but not grease.
also those metal pieces that the brakes slide in and out on are made not to have grease on them.
Just remember, grease attracts dirt and holds the dirt in place.
Good day, keep up the good work.