Can someone explain this to me please....

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I wish someone would explain to me what is happening with the “new wave” or car designers in the world. I mean, they are not even trying to be different, to improve on something that works. Am I going crazy?

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The new chevy Blazer???????

It seems like everyone is trying to look like a Nissan Rogue these days, and I doubt this is a good thing for consumers. Am I alone on this?

Ok, I know I'm probably sounding like a boomer for the new kids, but there is something to be said about humanity when the offroad vehicles are more equipped to drop off your kids at soccer practice.

And, and you must know this, AND, the buck doesn't stop at off road vehicles either. As a matter of fact, check out the new mustang!


Much wow here, much wow.



Who is in charge? We need to talk… I mean, change the name, call it the little pony, but don't call it a Mustang.

Is it time for a meteor yet?



Yeah, modern car-design is quite dull indeed. I was pleasantly surprised to see the new Hyundai concept car though; the Hyundai N-Vision 74 has quite the daring and, to my taste, beautiful retro-futuristic design... Car-design converging is to be expected though, looking at aerodynamic- and fuel-efficiency. Which is a shame, because there are other things to consider besides efficiency, like character, personality, aesthetic and artistic considerations.



this is nice!!! Now this is the kind of "new" I can get behind... would this be considered futuristic retro or something like that? lol

Im sincerely asking

I call it "retro-futuristic" because the design is an homage to the Hyundai Pony Coupe concept from 1974:


no doubt... i can see it... love the direction here.

Pretty awesome if I want my Mustang to look like a Prius :D
Stop being so critical.
You're like, committing violence right now.


Is too much for my off road vehicle to be good for off roading? Idk, i feel like it should be a primary focus, no? lol

Design regulations and cost cutting making new cars all look the same. :)

its a shame