Warning: Piece 710, don't leave home without it ...

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A telephone conversation between a young blonde who just got her driver's license (she) and a car mechanic (he).

She: Hi, goodmorning I'm Mandy.

He: Goodmorning Mandy, I'm Kevin, what can I do for you?

She: Well, my father bought me a very cute second-hand car for my birthday yesterday. But before I really get on the road, I wanted it to look spick-and-span, in- and outside.
So, under the hood also. But now I have a little problem.

He: Ok, first of all congratulations with the birthday and with the car also ofcourse. But tell me: what kind of problem do you have under the hood Mandy?

She: Well, before detaching and disconnecting anything, to make sure I could put everything back as it was, I made some pictures of it all.

He: Clever, very clever Mandy. At least you're not blonde, hahaha. Just kidding.

She: I am blonde actually, but I do have these bright moments you know, hihihi.

He: Ok, back to the problem you have. What's the matter?

She: Well, after having cleaned and polished everything, I put it all back where it was. But now I just found out that piece number 710 is missing. Looked everywhere but can't find it anymore.

He: Piece 710 you say? Never heard of that. Can you make a picture of the car? That way I can see what the car-brand is and look it up perhaps.

She: No problem, just a minute.


He: Got it Mandy. Looks like a Fiat to me, isn't it. Nice car!

She: Yep, that's it, a Fiat!

He: Hang on please, I'll check it out. Piece 710 it was you said, wasn't it?

She: Yeah, it's even written on the piece, in big figures, 710.

He: Huh? Big figures? If there's any figures at all on car parts, usual it's very small and hardly readable.

She: Well, I'm tellin' you, you don't need glasses to read this number, hihihi.

He: Can't find anything about that particular piece for a Fiat Mandy. But uuhh, just a minute ago you said you made some pictures of it all. Did you, by any chance take one of that so-called piece 710 also?

She: Yes, I believe I did.

He: Can you please send it to me.

She: Okidoki. Just a second .... here it comes.



sources: redbubble.com & memecenter.com




😄 Rumour has it though that many cars seem to have such a part 710 these days. But it has been suggested in some quarters that this is merely another conspiracy theory spread by trolls.

'merely another conspiracy theory spread by trolls'

Hahaha, also known as Covid-710, lol.

The dumbing down one. 😄

Sounds like something I might do ;)

That's an honest answer. Glad to know that with this post I at least saved you from a possible embarrasment regarding car parts ;-)

No, I meant the blonde ;D

Omg!!!!!!!! Shots fired!shots fired!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Smasssh if blondes come for you for this joke, honestly you're on your own, no one will rescue you!....😂😂😂😂😂 .....so much for having bright moments! A blonde is always a blonde! 😂😂😂😂jeez!

Yep, it sure won't help to get me more female blonde followers.
Hopefully the fact that I'm actually blond myself as well will be a mitigating circumstance. ;-)

Now THAT brought a real "Laugh Out Loud" from me @smasssh
That is just crazy funny. well done. upvoted and reblogged

Thanks for that and glad you liked it.

I shared your post from peakd to my FB page, got several laughs out of it 🤓

Nice to hear, appreciate it, thanks again.

twitter, that's t.w.i.t.t.e.r.

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