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Im the kind of guy that likes to binge watch shows on Netflix and when you do that for a while, eventually you run out of stuff to watch. When you dont watch "drama" and "life" shows there really isnt much to watch after some time. I get plenty of drama in my life to spend time watching someone elses drama on the TV screen.

No, I want my shows to feel like theyre not real. Escapism to the fullest. Comedy, fantasy, Sci-fi...

In a discord, weeks ago, a few of my acquaintances were discussing Anime and Animated shows in general so I asked for a recommendation as I was considering canceling my subscription. The choice fell to Castlevania. My expectations werent high and I was positively surprised.


The show has 4 seasons but 2 basic storylines.
First one revolves around these 3 above trying to kill Dracula before he genocides the human race because some priests burned his wife at the stake.
The second storyline i feel is slightly weaker and feels like its just trying to offer resolutions to all the characters that had any input in the primary plot of killing Dracula.

The stories are quite well done and I was positively surprised with the quality of some of the dialog. Isaac talking to the human fly guy in season 3 a stand out for me. Dracula is a fairly believable villain. I bought his motivation. Many times villains turn into caricatures of a viewers perception what evil is. I didnt feel that way with Dracula.
The show in my mind fell off a bit in season 4 with the Vampire sister storyline.


I didnt like Carmillas story after season 2. To summarize her character, she is basically a man hating militant feminist that wants to rule the world.
Not the greatest of antagonists for the last 2 seasons of a show.

Generally speaking there were some antics in the show when it comes to scope of things I didnt like, the fights lacked a bit of emotional charge I would expect from animation of this kind. It felt as if the director lacked a sense of when to slow down and focus on a moment. After season 3 you start to feel like theyre rushing a bit to the end. The reveal of the big boney baddie wasnt earned in my opinion and it felt forced.

Its a world worth expanding a bit and from what i hear there should be a sequel coming with one of Trevors and Sypha offsprings. Im looking forward to that.

I would say that it was definitely worth the time and Im looking to see what animated series to get into next.


Any recommendation is welcome in the comments. Just please, no anime Waifu stuff. 😂


Castlevania is among the better shows that I have seen this year. It started great, delivered quite nicely, and left a memorable ending. The characters were all well-written and likable (except the sisters, but I guess that's normal for villains haha).

I think Cyberpunk: Edgerunner is another thing that might be to your liking (many have liked it so far - I did too, but I find a couple of holes, but again there's no perfect show yk)
If you're into series, I'd recommend Reacher and The Terminal List. They're best watched with 0 spoilers, so I won't say anything... just jump right in :D

I watched Edgerunner. It was pretty decent as well. I wasnt a fan of the ending though..

Ill check out Reacher and Terminal list. thx.

Yeah, the ending could've been way better, I saw a Redditor saying "they did the tragedy for the sake of tragedy", and that hit home...
The plot was perfect up until Maine was around, but Dave did everything he was advised NOT to do right after😂... the latter half felt rushed yk

no anime Waifu stuff

I was gonna recommend way more "unusual" types of anime :P

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Ok, this added to my watchlist now. I watch it on weekend later !PIZZA


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You may try looking Devilman Crybaby it's also available on Netflix. I have heard very good reviews about this Anime.

Castlevania has been an inspiration to me. Welcome to the Castlevania tribe 😎🤓
I agree to rushing to the end and the big boney baddie.

At the moment, there's only on thing which pops up in my mind for a recommendation. But I don't know what does anime Waifu means. And I don't know if I'm in conflict with that.
Storm Rider Clash of the Evils
It's very Kung Fui Master fighting with some nice super human power. But, it reminded me, this time, on Castlevania.