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RE: Melbourne Cat Cafe (cheating on Soju) πŸˆβ˜•

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The bridge thingy is my favourite too. Though I think that cat up there must be the boss of all the cats to get the best spot.

We only booked it for an hour, though they don't really keep the time and tell you to leave or anything. But we just left just before our hour was up.

We didn't order any food because it is not your usual cafe. Since the laws are strict here compared to overseas, they can only serve limited food and drinks with cats around. We only had coffee there which was served in a takeaway cup.

Well Soju did forgive her dad straight away when he bribed her with her favourite treat lol
A Soju post huh? Hummmm, I will have to think about what I could write about her without getting myself into too much trouble πŸ™Š