Sort: isn't censoring people. Sorry to disappoint you.

I'm not being disappointed. Many users are being censored here. Permanently.

I've myself 2 friends, who not only didn't receive any hive tokens, but they also cannot post and their accounts are blacklisted. And as a reason they were told that they are blacklisted because they supported "Justin's witnesses".

If this isn't a censorship, then what is?
Yours, Piotr

@crypto.piotr Not getting a free token is not censorship. Your profit making scheme with a ponzi scheeme called @project.hope is still going strong. It is not being censored. The fact that you can post and write a comment is a proof of that.

It's interesting how a community that encourage engagement is quickly called a "ponzi" because none of the "star" witness are backing it.

I thought HIVE was going to be a different place from what Steem was, but it seems i might be wrong...

And NOTICE! You comment is not suppressed and clearly visible as you are entitled to your opinion, just as I am entitled to mine.

So where is the censorship in HIVE?

Comments were never being discussed here. Next time, try to stick to the topic being discussed.

I will stick to whatever I want. You can stick to whatever you want

Sure... keep being an obtuse person... it will get you really far.

Technically, in the blockchain posts and comments are the same thing both are considered “comments” with a post being a comment at depth = 0

Ponzi scheeme?
You have a lack of knowledge with oceanic dimensions.

Dude! Enlighten me, dear GOD! I am ready to drink for the fire hose!

Wait on second thought, you are one of the benefactors, aren't you? Why don't you keep it quiet and let it go, because if you don't it will backfire on you, eh?

On ever further thought: Let me give you some publicity, eh? I have visited your website


and I can read English words and sentences too. Funny I can comprehend as well what is written there. I also have @crypto.piotr wallet spam me even yesterday. So please excuse me if I say, I have no option but to know what it is!

You like to threaten others. Why?

Why? Because there are people out there in the world, who thinks public can be fooled.

I'm sorry I can't play your game.

These kinds of conversations alter my aura. Currently with this pandemic situation, the least I need are bad vibes.

I let it go.

Stay safe. Goodbye.

Not receiving free money for assisting and supporting the hostile takeover of Steem is not censorship.


Dear @themarkymark

I fully agree that not receiving free money/token has nothing to do with censorship.

As I mentioned before - those users are blacklisted from even being able to sign in to And there were told that they cannot use this platform because they supported Justin's witnesses.

And that is already censorship. Anyway we have different point of views here. I'm wondering only how long do you guys want to continue this fight, to what point.

Regards, Piotr

No one is being censored here. Those that didn't get the airdrop can post as they choose, but hey might need to power some HIVE up to have Resource Credits.

Meaning that in fact they are excluded from using the platform on equal basis as everyone else.

Not at all. any new user can buy some HIVE and post.

How is that equal?

That isn't censorship

Not censorship, i agree. But it's an action that is close to what Justin Sun is doing.

Who is blacklisted and cannot even sign into I am part of the team and I have yet to hear about that. If you have a Steem account, you have a Hive account, there is no blacklist preventing people to log in or use Hive.

Maybe they have no resource credits :D

My good friend @edgarare1 told me just the other day about this problem. He apparently couldn't sign in to hive. He also mention about the fact that he was told that his account is blocked because of reason mentioned before.

I would appreciate if you could look into it.

His account is not blocked, no account is blocked. There isn't even a way to block an account from signing in on Steem or Hive.

I sometimes can't sign into hive, sometimes not into steemit; that's common as we go through transition.

But I still receive you wallet spam @crypto.piotr even after I asked you personally multiple times not to spam

The account isn't blocked but yeah there was a major sign in issues via
Do still him try to sign in with peakd

this is false... he can contact us if he can't log in.
Please stop spreading falsehoods. Pretty please.

"Censorship is when an authority cuts out or suppresses communication"

Nobody's being censored on Hive. If you do like censorship, Steem is the place to be! A centralized blockchain (which is all that Steem is, and likely will ever be) is pointless, and censorable.

Your friends made the irresponsible decision to support a centralization attack on Steem. They got all that they wanted, a centralized Steem. There's no reason to complain that they weren't given free Hive tokens.