End Of Free Speech?

in #censorshiplast year (edited)

My FB account has been blocked for 3 days, but they did not tell me why.

I am guessing they are preventing me from reposting things like these?


LIVE: Outside courthouse as Tommy Robinson sentenced in contempt of court retrial

Although I don't know this Robinson character, what I found on Wikipedia made me think FB and Google etc. may have colluded to temporarily block accounts that are "known" for "speaking out"?


I know Google is targetting RT to try to lower its ranking in the search engine results. And I wondered maybe something was at hand in the coming days, and then I found this "Robinson" item popped up this morning. So this all would seem to make some sense to me.

Just guessing...

Anyhow, weird and somewhat scary things are going on in the "cyber sphere" lately.