@cfminer Investors Update 31.01.2018

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Howdy! Let's get straight to the business :)

Today's payouts

https://ahashpool.com made the payout today. First the BTC were transfered to poloniex and exchanged to 19 SBD buuut poloniex has STEEM/SBD wallet under maintenance again so I manually exchanged SBD to LTC and transferred it to blocktrades which gave 18,1 SBD to distribute. I will probably use blocktrades for exchanges now.

Also @harj noticed that he didn't receive payout last round. Probably steem transfer failed because of the node failure / other error. But it's all good, the bot saved the unsent balance and added it to today's payout.

Also 4 SBD from post payouts were distributed today.

New NiceHash, New nVidia Drivers

Now the rig will mine to the internal NiceHash wallet:
And it will probably stay like this for some time. Miningpoolhub.com gives comparable payout but NiceHash seems more stable.

Currently I'm runing benchmarks for NiceHash because newest NH app was installed + newest nVidia drivers (following NH advice to update drivers). It should take about 30 more mins, then the rig will start to mine and won't be interrupted for as long as possible :)



very great update @cfminer

Thanks for the update, it is so informative.

thank you dear i am first transfered doler

Hmm....have you ever thought about making cfstaker? Aka instead mining staking pos coins?

Eeeerm, dont understand :)