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RE: HIVE CHARITY Dapp - Initial Thoughts - Discussion PLEASE

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Hi @basilmarples,
We really need to have a chat. My discord name is Achimmertens [Germany]#1977.
Maybe you need to come in one of the servers first to find me. Try this one:

Your idea with the charity dapp is great.
I would like to talk with you about it and maybe do some brainstorm.

Next friday I will introduce the chary system a little bit more on the Hive meet up with @Detlef in Aachen.
I think it is a live Stream in the Internet and you can see me on the screen.

We can also chat via Twitter. My name us @greensniper. But it should be only used for short informations and not longer discussions.

Thank you for the passion for needy people.



Hi there @Achimmertens and @Basilmarples, can I join in on the chats too? 🙏

I probably won't say much but would love to listen and learn.

I am so keen to get in and get this project up and running so I can do something far more significant and meaningful on hive than what I have been doing since I got here so I can help people and leave a positive footprint.

I believe that you are about 8hours behind Melbourne there in Germany and Basil you in the Uk so you're about 9 hours behind Melbs too?

Hi @chocolatescorpi,
Of course you can join!
We havn't found the right plattform yet, but we can answer to our posts.
As mentioned I will have a speech on friday in the meetup and on Live-Stream. I hope there will be a YouTube video too.
I am preparing a sumaeize on Hive, which I will post on friday on saturday. After that let's find a way together how to go on.


Well I'm always up (except for mornings. Morning are my arch nemesis cause I'm a night owl and the hive keeps me chained here until usually 1/2/3am..🤣.)

And I'm on skype as ChocolateScorpionProductions and I'm also on discord as chocolatescorpi (with my old cat poking out his tongue)

And I'm also on Facebook messenger as Leesa Carriage- yep that's me in the flesh 🤣

I just tagged you and Basil on my post just then about a new community in pre-planning that is on a similar pathway to us too, so maybe if the guys legit, we could/should join forces..

I have so many ideas, but I lack the knowledge about how the whole hive payment system really works cause I've only been on it 3 weeks and as much as I have read, I still find it soooo confusing....🙃

yes lets do a discord chat maybe? Im camping this week so Im a bit absent but it would be great to organise something next week maybe? Achim Im probably going to have to catch up with your speech after its done!
So scorpi, is it best if we arrange for European morning so that its your Australian evening?

Yes great that sound perfect!

You just let me know whenever...
Since we're in heavy lockdown again and it's also the middle of Winter so who wants to go out anyway...

And have a great time camping! 😀

haha,yeah! Its full summer here and we have to make the best of the good weather in the uk!
Im sure we'll work out a time next week : )
speak soon!