Nothing is free in this world.

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Greetings friends!

Cheating is a big business
Scholars say nothing comes free in this world. That everything comes free to you make you the product. This is hundred percent true in the context of the present world where business houses and corporate claim falsely that they are working for the benefit of the society and are devoted for the well being of everyone.

During my journey towards blockchain, I found that everything here is meant for the benefit of the owner and the large stakeholders. Others are being used and given crumbs so that they may help grow the business in a dim hope of getting something from it. For example you can take Steem and Hive blockchain where you have to invest a lot in a hope to get something. These blockchains are not so bad but, the we cannot say this about the various dapps based on these chains. For example you can see following screenshots:



What did you get from the above screenshots? Did you find that I used actifit app to write a post fow which I got some rewards because of the content I published? I got reward but, the dapp actifit just upvoted my post with 0.008 STU while it got 0.053SP +0.012SBD as benefactor reward. It not only got curation reward, but also got a big share from my post which was much much ahead of the upvote it had cast on that post. So, these apps are cheating us and getting a big reward without benefitting us. This is clearly an act of stealing. I know many won't agree with me and claim that the app also gives actifit tokens as rewards which can be converted for upvotes. But, my innocent friends, it takes more than 10000 tokens to hold when actifit tokens can be used for upvotes. It means you have to earn them or you have to buy them directly from the app owners or the market. So, it only benefits owners not you. So, we are being used by these people to reap a huge benefit. There are many more like them. This is just an example.

What do you think about it?


done with that...
sold all almost on time...

You have taken a wise step.