My game on 15/11/2021

in #chess2 months ago

Today I played white against a player with 40 elo points less, so I was pressured to win.
I always prefer playing white because I like attacking, when you play black you usually have to keep defending.
The game started with a classical 3 knights opening, then my opponent brought the queen out to early so I started treatening
that piece while developing all my pieces and finally got to checkmate his king.👍 😎

See you next time.



Questa è andata veloce ;-)

Well played, sometimes we feel that pressure when we play against a player that have less ELO, But we should worry about only the game, the position, if you play without that pressure you'll play better.

Talking about this game, it was game over when he let you open up the "e" file that king was really exposed

Thank you for your comment, yes I think letting me open the E file was his biggest mistake.

Anytime, I started posting my own games as well I think this is a cool way to improve in chess


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