At what age should Children be allowed to use Mobile Phones?

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At what age did you give your Child their first mobile phone?
Mobile phones at one point of time were a luxury and the definition has quickly changed to becoming a necessity. Is it really a necessity or we ourselves have created that need? I do come from that old school of thought, where I feel, Mobile phones are not a necessity as the way it sounds today.

The reason parents give these days is that it helps to keep track of their children, so then does it mean that in the olden times, parents did not care for their children. The more need we create, the more it becomes a necessity. Parents think mobile phones are a key necessity for children. I will not say it's a necessity, I can say it's more of a convenience.
This is my personal opinion that children should be given mobile phones at an age of 13 or 14. Which also is not a necessity, but then now the peer pressure and exposure is also so much that it is difficult to avoid.

20 years back if we look back there were no mobile phones and children did perfectly fine without them. They went for tuitions without phones, they completed their projects without phones, they went for birthday parties, school picnics, holidays with families, all without mobile phones and did perfectly fine. Hence to an extent I believe that it is perfectly ok if children are not given mobile phones. But what we see today is competition among children for who owns the best phone. It's become a status quo for the children.
We see almost every child with a smartphone. If you give them a simple phone which only has calling features, it goes below their dignity and they feel ashamed to carry it. And all that they do on Phones is use Social Media and play Games, which I don't know how parents think is useful.


Children open their FB profiles with fake names and age and then so much rubbish happens, which parents are not even aware of. Parents should feel responsible for what they are providing their children with. If they have provided phones to their children, they should be in complete control of it. They should keep doing random checks on the photo gallery, videos, chats, websites visited history, games they play, etc. to keep a track of what their child is up to.

When a child has a lock on the phone, this should ring a bell. Why do they need locks, if they have nothing to hide? Parents should observe how much their children are using their phones. If they are hanging onto it all the time, it's not a good sign.

I am not against children using phones but when parents become careless that's the problem.
I gave my son a mobile phone at an age of 12. We had made a deal. I gave him a basic phone, from which only phone calls and sms were possible and we had an agreement that he had to use it for a minimum of 2 years. He was very annoyed with me, but this was some years back so still things were in control. Nowadays it is difficult to control children over these matters.

Another very amusing thing I see is parents giving mobile phones to infants and toddlers to keep them occupied. It's a shame for such parents that they do not know how to spend constructive time with their little babies.

I feel the age of 13 to 14 is the right age to give mobile phones to children. Till then parents can always be supportive by lending their phones if they would need for any use. Sometimes I feel people like me will become irrelevant to this world in the next 10 years from now.

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I agree with every single word. But In my opinion I don't think its even a good idea for children having phones even at the age of 13 or 14 years, as this is the growing stage where they are more curious and more self exploring around which causes them to become more distracted. Really knowledgeable post ma'am! :)

True, but nowadays its really difficult to hold them up to that age. I would also not encourage even at 13 14.

Totally Agree with you Ma'am

The mobile phone is definitely a device that restricts our lives, fills our brains with nonsense and kills our creativity. It doesn't work without it. But we should try to use as little as possible.

Yes bang on. It kills the brain creativity. The world is now a mobile world, we cant do without it but we can definitely minimize the use.

@nainaztengra, you're right in your opinion, but in my own personal opinion, children can be given a Mobile phone starting at the age of 17 or 18 (or when they finished their college education — secondary school level). They need to focus and have value on their studies. Children using any Mobile Phone at a very tender is somehow distractive these days..., If any mobile phone must be in used, it'd be for creative engagements and acquisitions of knowledge and intellectualism

A Nice Write-up @nainaztengra!

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True, I too agree with that, but being very realistic it is difficult to hold them up till 17 18, else it can backfire also on parents and children nowadays retaliate for very small matters, its so important to balance these matters and handle them sensitively

Yeah, you're right.

Thanks for the response...
It's nice reading your Post @nainaztengra

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we use SmartWatch now.
They can make calls, I can see where my son is, but there are no games there;)

dear, give me pls your whatsaps.
If you don't mind, I'll take your advice and just say to you Good day sometimes;)

I will send it to you on Discord sure, It will be easier to connect

Yes somewhere we have to balance it by finding right solutions that will make them also happy. Because nowadays saying No to children also makes another issue and they need to be handled sensitively

I believe parental controls should be applied if phones must be given to children. A restriction should be put in place to avoid any form of addiction that some kids do have. It is important they stay focus on their studies and so they get the right passions and wandering all over social media or some website that could corrupt them.

Absolutely, it needs to be balanced out in a way that suits both Parents and Children interest.

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Thank you @world-travel-pro, all good with me. Yes 2 decades back that was the addiction, times are changing so fast and who knows where this technology will take us.