Happy children's day!

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Wow and today's children day ,
I want to especially wish all the children in Nigeria , Africa and all over the world a happy children's day.have fun and keep growing.
Children are gifts from God so no child is a mistake.every child has the potential to be great ,no child is bad. Parents train up your kids I'm the way you want them to be when they grow up,live the live you want them to live because children learn majorly by example. Don't over pamper and don't be too harsh.a little bit of everything is just perfect.

And remember ,always correct them in love,explain to them why they are been spanked or shouted at .

Happy children`s day to the children again!

Here's my prayer for y'all

The Lord bless you
The Lord keep you
The Lord cause his face to shine upon you
The Lord be gracious unto you
The Lord give you peace

Picture shot by me


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