China news roundup / Nachrichten 2020-05-18

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English news:

Coronavirus: WHO 'let pandemic spin out of control', says US

"China would provide $2bn (£1.6bn; €1.8bn) over two years in aid to nations around the world in the wake of the pandemic and offered to share any vaccine as soon as one became available"

--- 2bn. So generous. Benevolent China shows its true greatness again.
& they even want to sell a possible vaccine to the world, of course at totally reasonable prices.

"China has said it supports a "comprehensive evaluation" of the global response, but only after the virus is contained. That could take months - or even years."

--- Lots of time to make sure nothing will be found ... er ... to prepare a totally open & honest collaboration.

China backs 'comprehensive review' of pandemic

"Xi [...] stressed that such an investigation must be conducted in an “objective and impartial manner”"

--- Translation: Make sure that China doesn't share any blame.
(BTW, you have to wonder why the PRC reacted so aggressively when Australia asked for an independent investigation, if they really support it.)

-> "All along we have acted with openness, transparency and responsibility"

--- All with Chinese characteristics.

"Allies of China such as Indonesia and Russia are among the countries demanding independent investigation"

--- Traitors? Or they try to make sure that the investigation will actually not blame China.
cf.: China has been trying to avoid fallout from coronavirus. Now 100 countries are pushing for an investigation

Fang Fang: The Wuhan writer whose virus diary angered China

"Fang Fang's growing international recognition has come with a shift in the way she is viewed in China - with many angered by her reporting, even branding her a traitor."

--- But of course. She didn't praise emperor Xi & the CCP.

"Cyber-nationalism is common on Chinese social media. Thousands of angry netizens stand ready to rear their head whenever China is criticised, humiliated or subjected to some form of foreign insult"

--- Should read: "... whenever they feel that China is criticised, humiliated or ..."

"Her diary only exposes the dark side in Wuhan while ignoring the efforts that local people made and the support extended across the nation."

--- See, she didn't praise. You cannot just report reality in China. You have to show how great emperor Xi & the CCP are.

US senator criticized for telling students China is to blame for Covid-19

"We’re going to have to have a serious reckoning with the thugs in China who let this mess spiral out of control by lying about it"

--- How racist! How dare you imply that there are thugs in China! Every Chinese is an angel, particularly those in the CCP, & with the exception of emperor Xi, who's a demigod.

"Sasse, who was unshaven and wore a loosened red tie and white dress shirt"

--- Very important information, of course.

"using the platform to blame China for the pandemic we have now is beyond reprehensible"

--- Well, yeah, maybe, but couldn't it be more reprehensible that US SJW's are doing the CCP's bidding?

Wikipedia blocked in China in all languages

"The country had previously banned the Chinese language version of the site, but the block has now been expanded."

--- For what I know, other language pages were also blocked, when they touched on "controversial" topics.

Zuckerberg urges the West to counter China’s ‘dangerous’ approach to internet regulation

"It’s not first time the billionaire Facebook co-founder has warned about China"

--- That's the same guy who jogged across Tiananmen Square when he was there to convince them how valuable Facebook could. & didn't he ask emperor Xi to name his child?

Hong Kong activists back in court amid more legislative chaos

"Used to say it’s the beginning of the end for Hong Kong. Now we’re not just near the end, we are at the end."

--- Well, can still be a rather slow ending. We can expect a lot more protests this year. But there is not much hope, anyway.

Video News:

--- China Uncensored: "India and China Fight Border Conflict"

--- Sky News (AUS): "There is such thing as ‘too much interconnectedness’ with China"

--- DW News: "Hong Kong parliament brawls over Chinese national anthem bill"

Deutsche Nachrichten:

China probt die Vorwärtsverteidigung

"Unter anderem sagte er zu, dass China im Falle eines Durchbruchs bei der Entwicklung eines Impfstoffs diesen als „globales öffentliches Gut“ zur Verfügung stellen werde."

--- Gegen eine ordentliche Vergütung, natürlich.

"Darüber hinaus kündigte Xi Jinping die Bereitstellung von Hilfsgeldern in Höhe von zwei Milliarden Dollar über einen Zeitraum von zwei Jahren an."

--- Hilfe auf chinesische Art, vermutlich. (Es müssen chinesische Firmen für Infrastrukturprojekte beschäftigt werden. So bleibt das Geld in der Familie.)

Mit China gegen die USA, mit den USA gegen China

"Mit den USA gegen China für faire ökonomische Wettbewerbsbedingungen. Mit China gegen die USA für internationale Organisationen und das Pariser Klimaabkommen."

--- Unglücklicherweise hat der Trumpel aber ähnliche Vorstellungen von Fairness wie Kaiser Xi. & Chinas Unterstützung für internationale Organisationen & Abkommen endet da, wo chinesische Interessen anfangen.

Handelskrieg: TSMC stellt wohl Handelsbeziehungen zu Huawei ein

"Einem Medienbericht zufolge erhält Huawei nur noch die bisher bestellten Systems-on-Chip (SoCs), darf aber keine neuen mehr in Auftrag geben."

--- Die Auswirkungen dürften sich wie immer in engen Grenzen halten.

Huawei: Für uns geht es jetzt ums Überleben

"Chiphersteller dürften keine Halbleiter an den zweitgrößten Produzenten von Mobiltelefonen auf der ganzen Welt liefern, sofern diese auf Software und Technologie aus den Vereinigten Staaten beruhten"

--- China hat großartige, hochmoderne, Hochtechnologie mit modernster Technologie. Huawei hat natürlich nie auf US-Technologie zurückgreifen müssen.

"Angesichts der Verlängerung der amerikanischen Maßnahmen drohte die Volksrepublik mit Vergeltungsmaßnahmen beispielsweise gegen Apple und Cisco."

--- Hat natürlich rein gar nichts mit US-Maßnahmen zu tun. Die VRC würde niemals aus politischen Rachegründen gegen Unbeteiligte vorgehen. Nie & nimmer.