China news roundup / Nachrichten 2020-09-26

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English news:

China forces birth control on Uighurs to suppress population

"The campaign over the past four years in the far west region of Xinjiang is leading to what some experts are calling a form of “demographic genocide.”"

--- Cultural genocide, now demographic genocide. Just one more step to actual genocide. Will emperor Xi take it?

"The state regularly subjects minority women to pregnancy checks, and forces intrauterine devices, sterilization and even abortion on hundreds of thousands"

--- Surely, just a totally innocent attempt at improving the health of minority women.

China forcing birth control on Uighurs to suppress population, report says

"China's foreign ministry said the allegations were "baseless" and showed "ulterior motives""

--- Yes, totally baseless. Just like these silly allegations of having concentr... er ... re-education camps. & to describe as "ulterior motives" the effort to hold emperor Xi & the CCP accountable for human rights violations is too mild. It's clearly heresy.

Flu virus with 'pandemic potential' found in China

"The new flu strain that has been identified in China is similar to 2009 swine flu, but with some new changes"

--- Probably just a PR exercise, to show how open & honest China is about emerging virus threats. So, even if it is true that:

"They found evidence of recent infection starting in people who worked in abattoirs and the swine industry in China"

--- ... it's most probably not much of an actual threat.

As coronavirus spikes in US, China locks down 400,000 people ... over 18 cases

"about 400,000 people have been placed under strict lockdown in Anxin county, in the central province of Hebei, near Beijing, after just 18 fresh cases were detected"

--- Obviously, the Chinese leadership doesn't put much trust in its health system. In Europe, much larger outbreaks can be contained quite effectively with much less strict measures.

Covid-19: China pushes traditional remedies amid outbreak

"A recent white paper released by the Chinese government claimed that 92% of the country's Covid-19 cases were treated in some way with it."

--- Yeah, but did it have any effect? Why are there no proper studies, if so many people (have to) use it?

"President Xi is said to be a "hardcore fan" of the ancient practice and has called it a "treasure of Chinese civilisation"."

--- & if omniscient emperor Xi embraces it, it must be good. He's infallible, after all.

"a lack of standards and almost no clinical trials have hampered the widespread adoption of TCM. In May Swedish authorities tested Lianhua Qingwen samples and found they only contained menthol"

--- Hey! Nothing against menthol! Peppermint oil is my go-to remedy for pretty much everything.
If I pray to emperor Xi it will even heal broken bones.

China's financial system is running out of room

"An alternative is to find different places for investors to put their money, as seen in attempted reform of capital markets."

--- Beside real estate & Chinese shares, Chinese don't have a lot of options, though, because the regime is too afraid of capital flight.

'How George Floyd's death changed my Chinese students'

"someone suggested China was looking for teachers. It would be a great opportunity for the girls"

--- A great opportunity to go to school in a country where Uighurs & Tibetans face cultural genocide. A great opportunity to be commie-brainwashed at school.

"The racism she has experienced in China, a country where 91% of the population are Han Chinese, stems from naivety and ignorance, she says."

--- & that is somehow very bad in the USA, but not so bad in China?

"she started with the story of Mansa Musa, the Malian Emperor who was said to be the richest man of the Middle Ages. The literature of the transatlantic slave trade was only one horrific part of the black story, she told them. Not the beginning and certainly not the end"

--- Mansa Musa, one of the greatest slaveholders of his time. But, hey, the transatlantic slave trade was the true evil.

"And so we talked about are we living in the age of surfaces, or are we living in a new age of enlightenment where people are realising what's happening to their fellow man?""

--- Ah, yes, enlightenment. Not a single mention of Uighurs or Tibetans in the whole story. Black lives matter, Uighur & Tibetan lives not so much.

From the Qing Empire to the People's Republic, China's worries about separatism run deep

"A key tenet of Xi's rule has been his pledge to restore the country to greatness, undoing the "century of humiliation" during which the Qing Empire and later the Republic of China were laid low by foreign powers"

--- Too bad that the Qing themselves were a foreign power (Manchu) that had conquered Ming-China.

"The border that China regards as inviolable today -- in the Himalayas, the South China Sea, and around the various "inseparable" territories at its periphery -- was not set until the late 18th century"

--- No one ever set a boundary in the South China Sea.

"Fully half of the territory of present-day China was acquired by conquest during the Qing dynasty, a dynasty in which the ruling house was not Han Chinese but Manchu intruders from beyond the Great Wall"

--- But the Chinese tend reverse history. What/who now is Chinese has always been Chinese. But that of course doesn't count for other countries. They have absolutely no claim to territories that were ever considered Chinese by any Chinese.

Some Of China's Freed Labor Activists Start New Lives, But State Pressure Lurks

"the activists were released only after they agreed to abandon their activism
[...] The threat is if they say anything or leave their jobs, then everyone they care about — their family members, former activists, acquaintances — will encounter trouble"

--- Mafia rules.

"Students trying to organize with workers, while aggressively framing the struggle in Marxist political terms, poses a real threat to ideological monopoly"

--- There can be no opposition to the leadership of the CCP under guidance of benevolent emperor Xi. There is no better life for Chinese citizens than under emperor Xi. Whoever disagrees is guilty of blasphemy!

India bans TikTok after Himalayan border clash with Chinese troops

"one of more than 50 Chinese-made apps that have been banned by the Ministry of Information over concerns that they “pose a threat to sovereignty and security” of India"

--- Now that will hurt the feelings of all Chinese. More so, it might hurt the feelings of a lot of Indians:

"The decision to ban TikTok, an app where people upload short videos, is likely to cause reverberations through India, where it has more than 200 million users"

--- Oh my...

Dozens arrested during Hong Kong peaceful protest against national security laws

"Hong Kong Police said on Facebook that 53 people had been arrested and charged with unlawful assembly"

--- Unlawful assembly like in going shopping with your wife & son.

Video News:

--- DW News: "China forces birth control on Muslim women"

--- China Uncensored: "US Calls Out Chinese Companies with Military Links"

--- India Today: "Govt Bans 59 Chinese Apps Including TikTok As Border Tensions Simmer In Ladakh"

--- Sky News (AUS): "Xinhua journalists take photos of Australian journalist to ‘send reports back to China’"

Not in the news (yet):

HK cops obviously think children should be afraid of them

Protest against forced demolitions in Changping (near Beijing)

Deutsche Nachrichten:

Chinesen warnen vor der Wiederkehr der Schweinegrippe

"In mindestens zehn chinesischen Provinzen, in denen man die dort massenhaft gezüchteten Schweine und Schweinefabrikarbeiter auf Influenzaviren hin stichprobenartig seit 2011 untersucht hat, hat sich seit 2013 ein neuer, für Menschen infektiöser Influenzavirus-A-Typ etabliert: G4"

--- Vermutlich ein PR-Stunt: Seht her, wie offen wir sind.

Maas will EU-China-Gipfel trotz Pekings Hongkong-Politik

"Durch die Absage eines Gipfels wird sich nichts verändern, weder in Hongkong noch sonst irgendwo"

--- Was ändert sich durch Arschkriecherei?

China droht USA mit Visabeschränkungen

"Wer sich "in der Honkong-Frage unerhört" verhalte, der müsse künftig mit Visabeschränkungen für die Einreise nach China rechnen"

--- Es ändert sich also nix. China war auch vorher schon recht selektiv bei der Visavergabe.


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