China news roundup / Nachrichten 2021-04-30

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The great power race between the US and China is on. And Beijing is confident of winning

"In his own address to senior Chinese officials in January, Xi said China now held the advantage. "Time and the current trend of events are on our side," he said. "This is where our composure, determination and confidence lie.""

--- We'll see. At the moment, it looks more like emperor Xi is very successful in sabotaging Chinese soft power. & with time & increasing domestic power, it is likely that he will stumble like Mao.

"Disney is hoping for box office success for Zhao's next film: Marvel superhero picture "Eternals," [...] The big question for Disney is if the government's censorship of Zhao's win and online nationalists' attacks on her character will linger when "Eternals" releases in China"

--- Not sure why that is on the same page as the above, but interesting nonetheless, because it confirms that Zhao is supposed to work for Marvel. I wonder whether Disney will go forward with this. Disney, after all, is the worst of Hollywood's CCP panderers.


Giants Tencent, Bytedance among companies reined in by China

"financial platforms [...] operated by e-commerce giant, handset maker Xiaomi, ride-hailing app Didi Chuxing and food delivery firm Meituan were among those to face the regulators
[...] cut "improper" links between their payment tools and other financial products and break "monopolies" in holding data"

--- Seems to be mainly aimed at companies which offered online loans & other trendy financial products. The CCP is really worried about unregulated finance. (Or perhaps they just see too much competition for state-owned banks.)

"Analysts say the fine shows China intends to move against internet platforms that it thinks are too big"

--- Meh. Dubious. More like because they became too influential in certain system-relevant sectors, like banking. I may be wrong, but:

China readies Tencent penalty in antitrust crackdown- sources

"The attitude from the regulator is that unlike Alibaba you are not the biggest target here, but it would be impossible not to penalise Tencent now that the campaign is in action"

--- So, the other big players are essentially punished because the CCP doesn't want people to have the impression that they only went after Alibaba because of Ma's criticism.

"Tencent’s core businesses, video games and WeChat, are likely to remain intact, said one of the people."

--- Hmm, not if we can believe the previous article. WeChats financial functions should definitely fall under the new regulations.


Silent Victims of Labor Trafficking: China’s Belt and Road workers stranded overseas amid Covid-19 pandemic

"Among the workers we interviewed, we found widespread rights infringements involving: passport detention, restrictions on freedom of movement, excessive work hours up to 12 hours a day and 7 days a week, zero holiday allowance, unpaid wages, issuance of illegal visas, deceptive recruitment and false promises, isolation from the local community, intimidation and threats, high penalties for quitting, lack of sufficient medical treatment, poor living and working conditions, insufficient labor protection and safety equipments, no reasonable complaint channels or grievance mechanism, restricted freedom of speech, and harsh punishment of workers who protest"

--- Almost like in China, then (only that there is no passport detention in China). Nothing to complain about. Proper Chinese labour arrangements.

"While using China's wealth and technology to create new markets for Chinese companies, the BRI has also exported China's economic development model of exploiting its own workers at the bottom of society."

--- Exactly.

"China lacks specific legislation to protect Chinese laborers abroad"

--- Doesn't matter. Even if there is some specific domestic legislation, it has virtually no practical effect.


Vietnam Protests Renewal of China’s Fishing Ban in South China Sea

"China says the ban is aimed at environmental conservation. China has unilaterally enforced it since 1995, mostly targeting Chinese vessels, but it has gone after foreign fishing boats violating the ban since at least 2002"

--- Environmental protection with Chinese characteristics. The Chinese fishing fleets simply move on to other fishing grounds, while the local fishermen from eg. Vietnam have no such choice.


Is China’s population growing or shrinking? It’s a touchy topic for Beijing

"China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) was scheduled to release the census it conducts once every decade in early April. But in mid-April a government spokesperson said publication of the census had been delayed for an unspecified length of time to allow for “more preparation work.”"

--- They found some surprising number which didn't fit their projections. Now they have to work overtime to make the numbers fit the projections. Because CCP projections can never be wrong.


Chloe Zhao’s win is not “soft power” for China, so let’s stop pretending it could be

"Tantrums, feigned offense, and censorship are after all what Peking does best
[...] Peking targets its perceived blasphemers in reliably petty ways, regardless of whether their blasphemy was intentional or not. We must never forget Omaha-based Roy Jones, who was fired from his $14 per hour social media job at Marriott after clicking “like” on a tweet from Friends of Tibet"

--- Funnily, this is pretty similar to what you see from Western SJW's who troll people (or try to get them cancelled) over tweets from ages ago.

"This is the biggest problem that I have with the proposal that Peking “take the win” on Zhao’s Oscar: it assumes that Peking is in any way relevant to this discussion, forcefully inserting “China” into the discussion of an American film made by an American director. In reality, Chloe Zhao’s win has nothing to do with Peking and the CCP’s creativity crushing arts system"

--- True. Strangely, though, here too Western SJW's nowadays show a very similar view of Chineseness as the CCP. Zhao's 'Asianness' seems to be more important than anything else.


Heads roll as ‘mind power’ egg scandal rocks China

"A vocational college in China has been shut down after its principal claimed her students used “mind power” to produce chicks from boiled eggs. The journal which published the claims has also been closed.
[...] Previous papers include how to grow sprouts from cooked beans, and how to make objects go through walls."

--- Ah, the great creative minds of Chinese scientists at work. True innovation leaders.

"Pictorial Geography published 52 issues in 2020. With about 300 articles in each issue, that meant it had published 15,000 papers in one year."

--- Next time you read how China is leading the world in published scientific papers (or patents), you know how these numbers come about.



Taiwan's new coast guard flagship to counter China's 'gray zone' threat

U.S. says China has fallen short on 'Phase 1' intellectual property commitments



--- China Uncensored features the weekend news variety again:


--- Bloomberg: "China Reins In Tech Giants’ Finance Arms"


--- NYT: "Inside the Daily Life of a Live Streaming Star in China"



China bestraft jetzt Lebensmittelverschwendung per Gesetz

"Allein in Chinas Catering-Industrie würden jedes Jahr ungefähr 18 Milliarden Kilogramm Lebensmittel verschwendet."

--- & daran wird auch ein neues Gesetz nicht viel ändern. Wäre dem Prestige abträglich, wenn der Gastgeber eines Festessens keine Reste vorweisen kann.


Ex-Außenminister Gabriel: Nur USA können China "ausbalancieren"

--- Audio-Podcast. Ziemlich substanzlos. Nur deshalb verlinkt, weil es sonst nichts gab.