China news roundup / Nachrichten 2021-05-03

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Press Freedom Day: Missing citizen journalists in China

"When she called the number on the official document, she couldn't reach the staff at the prison, and when she finally got in touch with them, they told her she could only send money but not clothes to the prison for Zhang"

--- Sending money to prison without actual contact to her daughter... Who might receive the money? Not the daughter, I suppose.


China steps up defence of Xinjiang policies and says sanctions are an ‘industry genocide’ designed to hurt business

"Their real purpose is to conduct an ‘industry genocide’"

--- China is the real victim here! You ugly Westerners are trying to kill China! Your criticism is the real genocide! Who cares if we destroy a small, insignificant, barbarian culture like the Uighurs? No one. The Han-led CCP is the envy of the world & therefore the target of Western imperialists.


US-China relations: Blinken accuses China of acting more aggressively

"He said in an interview with CBS News the US did not want to hold China down but would not allow it to undermine the rules-based international order."

--- Good point. Obviously doesn't mean that nobody in the USA wants to hold China down. But if the CCP would actually follow the rules, the USA et al. would have no justification for hostility.
Here's the '60 minutes' clip.

"He noted that a military confrontation was profoundly against the interests of both countries."

--- The moronic German press (well, large parts of it) interprets this as meaning that he rules out going to war with China. Which is nonsense. A lot of stuff may be not in your interest, but you do it anyway for a number of reasons.
cf.: UK and US urge G7 to ally against threats from Russia and China


New Zealand’s differences with China becoming ‘harder to reconcile’, Jacinda Ardern says

"the Act party presented a motion for New Zealand’s parliament to debate whether the treatment of Uyghurs in Xinjiang constitutes genocide"

--- Could get interesting. But the Labour Party has quite a majority, which might make it hard to recognise genocide. But this might show how much influence the appeasement camp in the government has.

"We need to acknowledge that there are some things on which China and New Zealand do not, cannot, and will not agree.
[...] We have commented publicly about our grave concerns regarding the human rights situation of Uyghurs"

--- & that's how far her 'criticism' goes. Some media see this already as some kind of U-turn, but I don't see much of a difference to before. The Guardian is at least a bit more realistic: Ardern’s speech was not an attack on China, or even a shift away from Beijing

"Ardern was clear that she did not see the differences as irreconcilable"

--- Genocide? Oh well, we don't want to let such a minor infringement of human rights have too much influence on our profitable relationship. What is the existence of Uighur culture against the money we can earn in China?
Meanwhile, Australia feels what actual criticism of China may mean:


Australian table grapes suffer 'unforeseen' delays at China ports

""abnormal" and "unforeseen" delays at multiple ports in southern China have been occurring for the past four weeks
[...] Normally, it takes maybe one to two days at the most to clear the fruit. We're hearing reports that it can take up to 10 - 15 days to clear the fruit arriving in China."

--- Totally unrelated to any China-critical remarks by the Australian government, of course. There must be a very good reason for the delays:

"The Global Times last week reported Australian grapes were being subjected to special nucleic testing because of what it claimed was an "ongoing (coronavirus) epidemic" in Australia"

--- See? Absolutely no laughable excuse.


Philippines protests `blocking' of its patrol ships by China

"Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr.[:] “You’re like an ugly oaf forcing your attentions on a handsome guy who wants to be a friend,.”"

--- "GET THE FUCK OUT", he also said. It seems, some in the Philippines are becoming angry at China. Although China obviously has never done anything wrong:

"shadowing, blocking, dangerous manoeuvr [sic!] and radio challenges by the Chinese coast guard of Philippine coast guard vessels conducting legitimate maritime patrols and training exercises"

--- Which is of course totally normal defensive behaviour of ships by the eternal victim China. Big bad bully the Philippines must be shown that you can't push around little, innocent China.


Baidu rolls out paid driverless taxi service in Beijing

"this was the first time there was no safety driver sitting behind the wheel. Instead, a safety member was seated in the front passenger seat to deal with any emergencies"

--- What's the difference?

""robotaxis" are now operating simultaneously in an area of about 3 square kilometers (1.2 square miles), picking up and dropping off passengers at eight stops in Shougang Park in western Beijing. Each ride costs 30 yuan ($4.60)"

--- Taxi service. Yeah, right. You pay almost $5 for a ride of a few hundred meters inside a park. For what I know, a taxy ride in Beijing costs 13 yuan for the first 3 km, & then 2.6 yuan per km.
Just another tourist trap.



Chinese man dodges two navies to cross Taiwan Strait by rubber dinghy in search of 'freedom and democracy'

Taiwan Strait: Claim man who crossed sea in dinghy investigated

China reshapes poultry feed formulations

China's capital probes cryptocurrency mining



--- China Uncensored: "Oscar-Winning Director Chloe Zhao Canceled in China"


--- WION: "Gravitas: China celebrates India's suffering"


--- DW News: "New Zealand takes tougher stance on China's human rights record"



The CCP's anti-BBC campaign continues



US-Außenminister kritisiert China – aber schließt Militärkonflikt aus

"Trotz der steigenden Spannungen zwischen beiden Ländern schließt US-Außenminister Antony Blinken nach eigener Aussage eine militärische Konfrontation allerdings aus"

--- Wie blöd sind deutsche Journalisten eigentlich. Sie schreiben sogar, was er tatsächlich gesagt hat:

"Es ist zutiefst gegen die Interessen sowohl Chinas als auch der Vereinigten Staaten an diesen Punkt zu gelangen oder auch nur diese Richtung einzuschlagen"

--- Das heißt nicht, daß er Krieg ausschließt, sondern nur, daß er für beide Seiten nachteilig wäre. Der Erste Weltkrieg war auch gegen die Interessen fast aller teilnehmenden Länder. Geführt wurde er trotzdem.


Droht ein Krieg im Weltraum?

"China sei zunehmend in der Lage, Satelliten mit Raketen vom Himmel zu schießen oder mit Lasern zu blenden oder zu beschädigen.
Die Militarisierung des Weltraums ist grundsätzlich nicht neu."

--- Eben, nichts Neues. Viele Worte um nichts.

"Europa könnte die Rolle des Vermittlers einnehmen, damit sich die USA, Russland und China im Weltall nicht bekriegen. "Europa ist anerkannt als diplomatische Macht""

--- Sehr witzig.


China: Regierung nimmt Mining-Farmen ins Visier

"In China müssen Betreiber von Rechenzentren laut Medienberichten Auskunft darüber erteilen, wieviel Energie fürs Mining verwendet wird"

--- Nicht China, sondern vorerst nur in Peking. Aber man sieht doch, daß die Zügel immer weiter angezogen werden. Grund für Panik besteht jedoch noch nicht.



Mann aus China flüchtet mit Schlauchboot nach Taiwan

Neue Misstöne zwischen Australien und China wegen Darwin