Learning Chinese 中文 Intense 3 Month Course Challenge!

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Knowing I will be staying in Taiwan for the long run there was one thing I was giving myself a true challenge for my own self improvement. Learn Chinese... Speak and Write.

I have always kept it on the side lines for more than 5 years and decided to take a serious next level initiative. I have signed up for intense Chinese language learning class 101 (The Beginning Basic Course)

Requested Book Requirements

wow... can’t believe I am a student again. :)

Class & School Introduction (Tsing Hua University - Taiwan)

In the beginning it seems like its easy going with basics - Hello, my name is bla bla bla. I like this and that~

Class keeps a low number of total students to be effective and focused.

At first, the homework seemed to be OK... not too bad.


After 3 weeks...... the intensity increased by quad fold and needed to memorize the Chinese characters.



There was only one way to learn Chinese characters...


and Again and Again and Again~~~




and HELP each other and CHECK each other in need~
Overall there is still about 2 months to go and will update with progress as we keep on movin forward!!!

img_2943.heic Classmates gathered together to check on each other and help ififneeded. If one lesson is missed its extremely difficult to catch up....

Stay tuned!!~

I will post more followups on what I learned and some tips n tricks I realized~ All in all, Chinese is a very dynamic language and as challenging it may look, its actually pretty fun!

Thanks for checking out my blog!~ :)
to be Continued....

Update : I am really enjoying the art of Chinese characters... using a brush you can truly understand why the brush strokes are the way they are. I posted a video below. (First time on DTube)


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You got nice writing!!

Thanks UKTaiwan~ Using a traditional brush with water practicing helped a lot on understanding the strokes better and draw better lines. Its kinda like drawing in a way~

Ah nice man.. best of luck learning a new language.

Thanks Solo~ Yup! Its going back to basics again~~~~ :)

interesting to see the hanyu pinyin with the traditional Chinese character set.
All the best in your learning journey.

Thank you~ I understand now the difference in Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Both have its pros and cons. Pingyin is an amazing way to type Chinese!~ I had no idea~~~~ lolz.

you're welcome. I remember many years ago before pinyin, it was 注音符号。never understand that and glad pinyin came along.