My chipadvisor results

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My Chip Advisor Result is: Chili!

What this says about me:

Get this person a sweater; they are a little chilli!

HA! HAHA! HA ...ha ... ha.

Jokes aside, you are one of the more daring people in the Chip World, not afraid to bite into something that might cause you pain.

Why are you doing it? Why are you hurting yourself like that? Is it to drown out the pain someone else has caused you?

Do you need a hug? And a bag of Chilli Chips?

Go see what your result is on Chip Advisor!

Please don't upvote this most more, it's the least effort post I've ever made (actually I didn't, I just clicked through). Instead, please go to newly created posts or #introduceyourself and search for something worthy. Beehive. ;-)



i won and i am cool so i demand to be recognized by everyone in here!

Why is there a bunch of people posting this. Am i missing something?

Phishing attack. Chilli Out. Go click yourself (not a financial advise) ;-)

I still feel like im missing something! Ill get to the bottom of this. 😂

Oh. That looks charming. Chili is needed

Sometimes I wanna punish myself. Therefore I eat chill... Its a fun mindset xD


... true 😉

Thanks for - Chip Advisor!
I am - My Chip Advisor Result is: Honey Mustard!

This is just something I need; a chilli to spice up my life

He needs someone because he cannot remove the pain stuck to him.

You and chilli?!
I didn't expect this result 😱

@suesa made me do that. That's apparently my first post on Hive.
I haven't enough time yet other than few clicks for the chips.
What this says about me? I don't know.

Do you need a hug? And a bag of Chilli Chips?

Yes. Please.

Next time I see you, you'll get that hug!

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