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My Chip Advisor Result is: Salt and Pepper!

What this says about me:

Longingly, you stare at the ocean as waves are crashing on the cliffs and white seafoam is collecting on the beach far down below.

You remember the good old times when rubber boots were still made out of wood, and you had to go to school uphill - both ways!

A single tear rolls down your cheek as you grab a Chip that brings back all these cherished memories. Salt and Pepper, the only two spices your mother could afford, but she did the best she could.

Life was simpler back then, even though it was hard.

Go see what your result is on Chip Advisor!


Life was indeed hard when I was younger. My mother had to work 3 jobs to take care of the family as she was the single parent. And I remember potatoes were sometimes all we had in the house, but when you are a kid, you barely notice the hardships, as it is a norm. Life was, simpler, no doubt.

On more funny note

This is hilarious.

"When rubber boots were made of wood"


Salt and pepper is a pretty good chip flavor. My new favorite flavor is mustard and pickle. Its amazing. I don't think I'm cool enough though to be represented by such a combination. Sadly I'm probably a plain ruffle chip lol

Ahaha! You should try the Chip Advisor xD Maybe you will get some different flavor than a plain ruffle chip :D

¿Yoli eres tu? hehe
Time without being on the blockchain, a pleasure to greet you again.
By the way, I got the same result as you!😊


Glad you found Hive and great to see you getting more active again.

My favorite chips are with cream and onions though, ah I would eat a bag of those now, but maybe I will grab some when I will have to visit store again, trying to shop for longer periods of time to avoid the virus as much as possible.

Hope you stay safe out there :)

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