Daily Journal: The Annointing

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He Speaks

Several years ago, I began journaling during my time spent with God, usually in the morning as a great start to my day. I believe God is a very Present God, concerned with the intricacies of our day-to-day life. I believe He's a good, good Father--far better than any early father. And I believe He speaks to us through His Word and through His Holy Spirit living within.

As I journal, He speaks to me as if He's right there in front of me, and I write down what he says. This series contains excerpts from my journal. Even with differences in beliefs, I believe anyone can find some inspiration and insight. Read this as if these words are being spoken to YOU, and let them elevate and motivate you.

The Annointing

(Inspired by meditating on I Sam 16:3)

The Annointing is when My Spirit comes upon you, and you are empowered by Me to carry out My Purposes in your life.

Under the New Covenant with My Son, My Spirit came upon you when you invited Him into your heart. At that moment, you were empowered by Me, by My Spirit living in you.

The Annointing gives you wisdom—you see things clearly and know how to proceed. The Annointing brings favor—even among the world. The Annointing gives you talents in areas that I want to use you. The Annointing gives you strength, energy, motivation, and power to carry out My plans in and through you!

The Annointing FLOWS (becomes active, tangible, effective) when you become aware of it and submit to it—allowing it to flow and understanding the fullness of My Annointing!


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