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RE: My Advent Calendar – 22 Dec – Time to wrap the Chrissie pressies!

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May Grandma's soul continue to rest in the Lord...Amen!
As a bachelor far away from his family, studying on a distant continent there's nothing for me to!
Following you keeps me in the spirit of the season. In all, Merry Christmas & A Prosperous New Year 2019!

Regards always,


I'm so glad my posts have brought you that Xmas feeling. I hoped they would do that for people. And I hope that you find something festive to do on Xmas Day. Have you got plans?

You are welcome @kiwideb
Well I just got invited for dinner on Christmas Day by some friends and I am sure looking forward to it! Thanks for being there.
Regards always,

Oh that's good to know, that you will be with friends. Have a lovely time with them.