Don't vote Ken Griffin for the Liar of the Year award. Ken Wouldn't like that.

in #citadel5 months ago absolutely does NOT endorse any apes going to the Politifact website and voting Ken Griffin for the Liar of the Year award 2021. That would be a truly heinous thing to do, and Ken would be very upset and annoyed if loads of apes were to head to their website and, en-masse, propose our favourite mayo-hoarding, bedpost chucker for the prestigious Liar of the Year.

I mean, just because Pongo did it doesn't mean you lot have to do the same does it?


How NOT to propose Ken Griffin for the liar of the year award

So whatever you do, regardless of how much you despise Ken Griffin, we definitely do not encourage you to do the following things:

  1. Go to the Politifact Liar of the Year award page 2021 which you can find here.

2. Scroll down on the entry form, ignoring the political entries relating to Trump, Biden, Tucker Carlson etc, and go to the OTHER option

3. Enter the following (or some approximation of the following) into the input form, and click Submit.

Ken Griffin: Nobody from Citadel had any conversations relating to turning off the 'buy' button on Memestocks in January 2021.

And if you did end up accidentally doing this (remember, the 1000 monkeys theory, which says if you give 1000 monkeys a typewrite each, at least one of them will end up being Kat Stryker) then whatever you do, please make sure you don't tell everyone on this Reddit post here, otherwise loads of smooth brains will be at it. And nobody wants that do they?


So don't. Okay?

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